The use of masks will no longer be mandatory in Chile from October


pepper It announced this Wednesday, September 21, that it lifts restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as mobility passes, capacity and use of masks in closed rooms, nearly two and a half years after imposing limits.

Unlike most of the world, pepper It will maintain mobility passes for admission to restaurants, casinos, hotels and shows as well as the capacity for public events until October. This pass guarantees a complete vaccination program against COVID-19.

However, the use of masks remained mandatory in schools and closed rooms.

favorable epidemiological situation pepper “They lead us to the possibility of transitioning to an early phase of the restriction plan,” the health minister, Ximena Aguilera, announced at a news conference.

coronavirus cases in pepper They have fallen 77% in the past six months, with critical bed utilization at its lowest point for the disease and high vaccination coverage after the country has had more than 62 million vaccines, the health ministry explained.

this Wednesday, pepper 1,703 new cases and 43 deaths were recorded from the coronavirus, representing a decrease of 37% from the previous week, with cases declining across all regions of the country, where a total of 4.6 million people have been diagnosed and 60,966 are dead.

The minister also pointed out that a “bivalent” vaccine for the coronavirus will be included in the national program starting in October, which, in addition to the original strain, includes the Omicron version in its formulation for the most vulnerable groups.

The use of masks, not mandatory on the streets since April, but will still be maintained only in health facilities, with a high adherence to the population. Its use is recommended in crowded and public transport places.

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