The United Nations concluded that there were war crimes in the occupied territory


Before eliciting the biggest applause at the UN General Assembly with his video speech, Ukraine’s president let out a sigh of horror.

“The bodies of men and women, children and adults, civilians and soldiers were found in 445 graves,” Volodymyr Zelensky said in his speech on Wednesday.

Researchers report executions, torture, rape or theft of children, and Zelensky linked cases of gelding

“There is a family that died under the rubble after the Russian bombing (a father, a mother, six and eight year old girls, grandparents). There is a man who was hanged. Broken ribs and wounds on the body A man has been castrated before he died and this is not the first case we have seen,” he assured.

“Ask the representatives of Russia why the Russian military is so impressed by castration. What did they do to them that they wanted to do the same to others?

There is still no answer to this question. But a team of investigators from the United Nations Human Rights Agency confirmed this Friday that they have evidence that serious atrocities have occurred in the armed conflict.

“Based on the evidence collected by the commission, it has been concluded that war crimes have been committed in Ukraine,” commission chairman Eric Mosse told the Human Rights Council.

Ukraine and Western allies have accused Russian soldiers of giving up for adoption to abuses such as torture, executions, rape of women, theft of children or minors.

This time there was no reaction as Russia had boycotted the event. Moscow has always denied this and, in any case, as its Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov did at the UN Security Council on Friday, the victims are pro-Russian residents of the Donbass region.

Moses did not specify the figure, although he insisted it was a large number of cases. Ukrainians and the rest of the Russian troops have been blamed for the violence only twice. They arrived at these results by visiting 27 sites.

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