The Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra, Eurovision winners, sell the trophy to buy drones against the Russian invasion of their country


The members of the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestrawinners of the last edition of the festival of Eurovisionwith the song Stephaniehave decided to sell the iconic trophy of the contest for obtain funds with which to buy drones that can be used against the Russian invasion of your country.

As reported on its Facebook page, the group has achieved in the auction of the famous eurovision crystal microphone a total of $900,000.

You are incredible! We thank each and every one of you for making donations at this auction and a special thanks to the Whitebit team who bought the trophy for $900,000 and now they are the legitimate owners of our trophy”, they explain on the social network.

Whitebit appears on Facebook as a company dedicated to information technology.

According to local Ukrainian agencies, the money obtained in the auction will be used to buy three drones of the PD-2 type to fight the Russian troops who invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Eurovision is an annual contest in which representatives of fifty countries whose television stations are members of the European Broadcasting Union participate.

With an estimated audience of about 200 million viewers around the world, the last edition held on May 14 in the Italian city of Turin was won by the group Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine.


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