The Swallow and the Prince from the Unhappy Princess Part I


The state of Chihuahua is closest to my heart because my entire maternal family (today more or less 300 humans with the Burciaga surname) is from there. Every time the summer holidays came, my parents would throw me on a plane straight to the capital of Chihuahuan so that my grandparents and uncles would take care of receiving me and thus my poor parents would take a few months rest from me . Between the 80s and 90s I became a great swimmer and a good diver, thanks to those summers, because I spent every morning in the sports pool, which was full of public, Olympic, and very nice people. It had platforms and trampolines calling me from a height with their defiant siren sounds: “Don’t you dare jump off here” said the ten-meter platform, which once you climbed to the top was impossible to go back. It was because getting down on one’s back was more dangerous than surrendering to the void.

Luckily for me, those were my grave days and so I was never afraid to launch myself into a controlled suicide, feeling the infinite hole in the middle of my stomach and then back when I fell horribly. But there was a blow. I didn’t even care that they called me “La Masiosare” for a Chilanga, because this was the time when some PAN members’ cars and small shops had stickers that read “Make a country, kill a Chilanga”. As it was said, because what we stole from Capital, we were able to get more money from that unit.

The pool was closed at lunchtime and then we had to go back to our grandmother Crucita, who was so beautiful; A little old lady hesitates to put so much work at her desk for her 17 children, grandchildren and other guests. Crusita was born on May 3, the day of the Holy Cross, in El Oro, and lived with my grandfather in Villa Panamericana, near an avenue from which you could see a huge maquila a few meters away.

I loved Chihuahuas because I could play with my neighbors and my cousins ​​on the street basketball court, go for tortillas and take the truck to my uncle’s house, or go to the cashier’s part with a truck. could have asked to raid. Problem.

Now I can’t believe those times were possible, as I write, I feel a kind of chilling nostalgia for the times. Sometimes I imagine that my memories are implanted with love for that northern region, but no, it’s true that what I’m telling you was once possible.

Due to drug trafficking and extreme violence, cities and states in general became dangerous. In fact, the last time I was at Christmas, everyone in the Walmart parking lot fell on their chests when it was a bad time to leave three sparks in the exhaust of an old car, which could either be rockets or stray bullets, so Just inside the case is better if everyone gets down on the ground. The image, the sense of helplessness, the unheard of spectral silence that we all suffered when we were assimilating where the thunder came from, still haunts me.

From the pain of so many violent and unnecessary deaths, artists emerged with cultural proposals, not only to counteract its effects, but also as a countermeasure to so much excess.

In places and times like ours, art and culture emerge more naturally because they are the natural defenses of social bodies that want to survive but deserve. This is why the governors of states like Chihuahua have to be tailored to the needs of the people they govern, who are really the generators of the wealth we all need to stand by, so I don’t understand why. Why Governor Maru Campos has the courage, cynicism and audacity to spend 34 million 800 thousand pesos for 12 performances of “The Swallow and the Prince”, a play that no one wants in exchange for other cultural events to be cancelled. How shamelessness and ridicule hurts, how sad for the idiots, what right do they have to mistreat us and take away money from their state to generate culture and art which to show to the youth There’s more to the path than the drug dealer required.

We’re going to watch it, we’ll have to see what happens after the premiere on November 11th; We’ll be accounting and what was lost for this year in terms of art, I’ll be back here to remind this woman that the state is not hers, and it serves as an example so that we can all disagree with these. They are raising their voices against abuses, against their comrades, against the silent presidents of their sanctioning parties and against the reactions of the people who are most hurt. Governor Maru Campos at your service for any advice, hearty congratulations.

by Julen Ladron de Guevara
[email protected]



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