The surefire way to quickly and easily disinfect wooden utensils


Cleaning Of kitchen Must understand work on each element: pots, pans, knives and wooden utensils, For this last task, a wide range of knowledge is required, as these are likely to be impregnated with moisture from cooking stews or jams, among others. That’s why we’ll help you keep them looking like new with a highly effective citrus fruit.

Both for fans of gastronomy and for those who cook the fastest and simplest meals, wooden utensils are necessary to keep those precious elements of kitchen In optimum conditions, to stay with the times, clean and like new. Also, knowing that since it is a porous material, it tends to accumulate bacteria and dirt, effective sanitation should be done.

and in question for citrus Cleaning Of wooden utensils Lemon is. It is that experts confirm that the properties of its juice will be important for this task. That’s why we recommend adding a little lemon juice to boiling water, stirring until a deep disinfection is achieved, and submerging the pot there.

Also, another technique but with the same ingredients would be to use baking soda and lemon. Those who know more about the matter tell that you have to pour the bicarbonate up wooden utensils And then add a squeeze of lemon. Later it will be necessary to rub thoroughly with the same lemon or sponge, at the end rinse with warm water and note the effectiveness of the work.

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And if the tricks with citrus were not effective for you omit this element kitchen Like new, you won’t have to go with anything more and less than a pot of boiling water. When the liquid is at the desired temperature, we must immerse it in water Utensil wooden for 30 minutes. After that time, you will see how the dirt comes out and floats in the water, resulting in a Cleaning Honest.

Photo: Pixabay

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