The stigma of coal sector is not good: Phenalcarbon


With appreciation of the significant contribution made by the coal sector to the Colombian economy and the vehement disapproval of those who stigmatized this activity, Carlos Cant, The president of the guild, which brought the merchants together in this line, defended the area.

Statements were made early yesterday ‘Metcock Summit’’, an event that takes place in Barranquilla and which brings together the entire coke industry in the country and is the first of its kind.

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While Cante explained the growing importance on the economic level and on the national agenda that this industry is achieving, he also noted that there are a range of challenges, among which are sector stigma, logistical issues, government regulation and lack of funding. Is. steel production, due to the risk of recession.

In his speech at the program Cante strongly criticized the speech given by President Gustavo Petros In front of hundreds of leaders attending the United Nations meeting (UN) in recent days, in which he stated that “oil and coal are the two main poisons in the world”, before which a union spokesman pointed to these discussions “They should not focus on contesting elections on ideological positions, but on addressing public policies,

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“We are clear about the future of the industry internationally. We have recognized that we as a union are not here to oppose ideological positions, we are here to discuss public policies, and to document what needs to be done. Has been, he is worth talking about, ”the spokesperson insisted.

In return, the chairman of the board of directors Juan Manuel Sanchez phenolcarbonSaid that this sector, which is being discussed, is seventh in exports, but first in industrial sector.

Told $1,300 million entered the country due to the sale of 4.2 million tonnes of coke.

In addition, on an international level, the country is consolidated as the third exporter of coke. China and Poland,

Sanchez explained that the industry has worked in the region to capture emissions to contribute to the environmental protection commitments set by the country.

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