The Senate defeated Louis DeJoy by passing a bill to strengthen the USPS next week


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Senate would address and pass the bill to strengthen the Postal Service next week.

Schumer video:

Majority Leader Schumer said on the Senate floor:

There is one more sign of progress this week that I want to mention—another bipartisan effort like VAWA and like all the other bills I’ve mentioned, arbitration and CR—and that is the bipartisan efforts of both houses to pass the most important bill of postal reform law in decades.

Later today, soon, I will introduce the closing of the postal reform bill overwhelmingly passed by the House earlier this week. For the information of all Senators, this will set the first vote next Monday night.

Postal reform has been decades in the making and is one of the best steps we can take to strengthen one of our country’s most important institutions. Tens of millions of Americans depend on the post office every day: seniors and veterans need it for things like medicine, businesses need it to run, rural communities need it to stay connected, and countless people rely on the post office mail to connect with each other. for things like birthdays, travel, vacations, or any of life’s many, many special occasions.

By passing postal reform, we can ensure that Americans will continue to rely on a fast, reliable, and well-run post office. We’ve all heard complaints about how mail delivery has slowed down. This is a strong and important effort to rectify that problem.

It will be a victory for everyday Americans and for the dedicated men and women who work to deliver our mail every day.

Postal service reform has enough Republican support to pass the Senate

legislation it has a dozen Republican cosponsors, so it has enough votes to clear the filibuster, move to debate, a final vote, and passage.

The Postal Service reform bill has had bipartisan support in Congress for years, but while Obama was president and Republicans controlled the Senate, Mitch McConnell did not bring the bill to a vote. Trump was actively trying to sabotage the USPS, and McConnell was still the majority leader, so the reform bill had no chance of seeing the light of day.

Now that the Democrats are in charge, this popular law not only will he be taken to the floor, but he will likely pass.

The Democrats are doing things in a bipartisan way and the real winners are the Americans, as their government is beginning to function as intended.

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