The right to life


After the controversial ruling of the US Supreme Court on abortion, the demonstrations, riots and critics protesting against the decision of the High Court have not ceased, and especially the denigration of the magistrates who have positioned themselves in favor of life. But have any of these contrary and angry voices taken the trouble to read the reasoned sentence? You know what? Those who shout and fill their mouths with rights and freedoms, those same ones, know nothing about democracy or respect.

I doubt it. There is no tolerance or respect here; nobody talks about freedom of conscience or the right to follow the principles of morality in which one firmly believes. What really matters is that if you are not in favor of abortion, you cannot be a member of this society.

But do not forget something important, American society spoke, and through the mouth of its judges, of most of them. So, please, be adults and mature: respect the norms of democracy, for once it has welcomed and defended the first and most beautiful right of all: the right to life.

David Arboix i Arus


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