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It’s never too late to be happy. And the key to being happy is to be free. Although Mary of Mount (aged 60) did not hide his sexual orientation in his day-to-day life, he never made it public. What’s more, when Charo Reina wanted to kick her out of the closet at Telecinco, she won a 100,000 euro claim for interference with privacy and honor. Now he himself has taken this step. The Herald of Seville Pride covered itself with an LGTBI flag adorned with polka dots and declared to the Four Winds: “I’m one more person to come here.” Maria del Monte embraces independence, carefully measuring her words: She didn’t say I was a lesbian, she preferred to declare herself another in her call for diversity.

But since acts have more importance than speeches, she recognized that her partner was present and asked her to go on stage, yes, as long as she wanted to do so. And Inmaculada Cassel (58), head of the Canal Sur Society, his girlfriend for 23 years (though they’ve known each other since they were classmates at school), wanted to go upstairs and walked upstairs wearing a smile, which means Meaning is more than you can imagine. Because the image of the two on that stage is the first major step towards reconciliation for a couple who has experienced a crisis that few knew about.

A tweet from the mayor of Seville, Antonio MunozzoA close friend of the communicator foresaw that something was about to happen: “Maria has a lot to say”. He knew it in advance, in fact his circle of friends knew it, not everyone knew what his speech would be like. Inmaculada also knew that it was surprising to him that Maria gave the details of their relationship and asked him to come forward. But why now? Several sources close to ABC confirmed to ABC that, following the death of her mother, 95-year-old Bibiana Algaba, in August last year, Maria no longer had an excuse to step down. By then, she realized that she had to protect her family above all, and the silence was also a way of showing respect to her mother. It’s not that her mother didn’t know the nature of their relationship, the couple had been living with her for years, Maria fears homophobic comments would reach her or that they would say anything derogatory to her on the street. He wanted to leave her out of any conflict.

However, months passed and the singer continued to delay the decision, causing a crisis in the couple. In April, Inmaculada did not attend Maria’s birthday party at the Querencia Hotel in Seville. The separation must have happened some time ago. The friends knew that Maria, deeply in love, would have to reconcile because Inmaculada was deeply hurt.

Together with your partner, in glory
With my partner in pride- GTRES

The journalist was married and had two children. When he met Maria, he left his marriage and his way of life for her. Some talk about the many sacrifices he made for love. After more than two decades of being together, inseparable, it was time to make the relationship official not only to the world, but also to the legal one. Thus, what happened is more a proof of love than a confession, more of an active statement than a gesture of healing and maintaining the inmaculada.

Anyone who has seen them at the fair or on the beaches of Huelva has been able to attest to the collusion between the two. Those who know them well speak of a couple who complement each other, respect each other, know each other completely. flesh and bone.

Pantoja and Rumors

The legendary cover of ‘Ten Minutes’ with photos of Maria del Monte and Isabel Pantoja on Canos de Meca beach has fueled all kinds of speculation. The great friendship between the two caused the anger of Encarna Sánchez, recalls Diego Arrabal, the author of the special: “The pictures speak for themselves.” The announcer’s reaction was brutal, worse than the reaction that followed Tuesday and the 13th special. «I’ve never seen Isabel better than this. This was his happiest time. Maria was the best thing that could have happened to her. She was relaxed, friendly. They would go out together, let them take some pictures and then ask us to respect their privacy. He won over the paparazzi.”

The reporter assured that we would soon see a similar report of Maria with Inmaculada, which was made last summer: “What happens is that Maria wasn’t a character and she hasn’t seen the light, certainly now those photos.” has taken another value”. María del Monte has come out of the closet in the pride of Seville, but in a few days we will see Isabel perform at one in Madrid: “We all wonder what Pantoja is going to say, because it all leaves her in a fragile state.” situation,” Arble says. The expectation is total.

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