The production figures of the ‘ghost television program’ of Puigdemont’s wife


A new season of the controversial program begins today the weekly magazineissued by the Xarxa Àudiovisual Local (XAL), dependent on the Barcelona Provincial Council. Controversial not so much because of its content, since it is a weekly magazine aimed at promoting English among viewers, but because of the costs of its production, its low audience and for being presented by marcela toporwife of the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont. Topor’s salary, since he began conducting this program in 2018, amounts to 6,000 euros per month of public money.

as explained world chroniclethe XAL stopped publishing last year the contracting data of the program, the emoluments of Topor and its collaborators on its transparency portal, something it did until 2021, when said record disappeared from the network. It is known, yes, that the Barcelona Provincial Council allocated €260,000 for the 2021-22 seasonwith an audience that hardly exceeds 12,000 spectators.

The pact between PSC and Junts per Catalunya (JxCat) to govern the Barcelona Provincial Council after the 2019 municipal elections included the renewal of the program. Whether keeping the fugitive’s wife on the payroll was a condition for closing that deal is something that circulates in political gossip, but is not officially recorded anywhere.

Memory of 2021

The production of this the weekly magazinewhich is broadcast on Saturdays between 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., has a wide range of technical and human resources. This is realized by the SL Network Memory corresponding to 2021. “The XAL Production team has been responsible for the recording, sound and post-production of three long-term programs that have been made in 2021: the magazine the weekly magazinesix episodes of the series Estates (TV and radio) and two editions of the outreach program Space 2030 (TV and radio)”.

“These three large-scale projects -adds the memory- have involved some 4,000 hours of work: 2,500 hours the the weekly magazine1,500 hours the project Estates and 500 hours space 2030. A director, several camera operators, a sound manager, one or more editors and a person doing the color correction have been involved.

Carles Puigdemont with his wife Marcela Topor in Parliament / EFE

Camera operators from Canal Blau, El 9TV, Esplugues TV, TV del Ripollès and Lleida TV have collaborated in these co-production projects. The Topor program therefore has a large team of XAL personnel, although it is shot in facilities outside this entity. Specifically, for 2021 the space was rented Alexlocated in the Utset passage in Barcelona, ​​at a cost of 23,500 euros (excluding VAT) for 25 sessions between January and June 2022.


Throughout this season, they explain from the Xarxa, the weekly magazine will continue to interview artists, journalists, scientists and “relevant personalities”. On the other hand, Catalan and international musicians with a repertoire in English will perform in each program. and in the section World Talks the stories of Catalans from different parts of the world are told.

A regular on the show is the writer and enigma Marius Serra, as well as the writer in English and Catalan matthew tree. This season, the space also introduces a monologue contest with the American magician and comedian harris fellmanand a cooking section conducted by the journalist Nicole Miller. the weekly magazineHe also approaches science from a funny point of view, through the doctor in Molecular Biology and monologist matthew murta.

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