The players refuse to resign from the national team, explain what they are demanding and warn the RFEF: “We will not tolerate their infantilizing tone”.


the gap between the players of Spain women’s football team And this RFEFAlso with your selector, George Wildais more open than ever after the stern statement issued by the Federation late this Thursday, in which it announced “Resignation” of 15 football players to be summoned with the national teamand with the support of international feedback, alexia putelasthis Friday. “In no case have we abandoned the Spanish football team”He has made it clear.

It follows from the note published in social network Ballon d’Or, Joe With this gesture, he is clearly positioned next to his comrades.Simultaneously petri pebbles, aitana bonmati, mary leone, mariona caldente, sandra clothsClaudia Pina, Lola GallardoAinhoa ​​Moraza, Neria Izaguire, Amaiur Sarrigi, Leela OhabiqLia Alexandri, Lucia GarciaOna Battle and andrea pereira,

Athletes repeat their point in this WITH SELECT “Unquestionable Commitment”And they explain that they request not to be called for the next concentration “unless our emotional and personal state, the conditions affecting our performance and, consequently, the consequences of the selection are reversed and cause undesirable injury.” may”.

Similarly, they express a desire to get a “Commitment committed to a professional project” which takes into account all the issues necessary to achieve “best performance for a group of players” We believe that more and better objectives can be achieved“, noting that “we wish all the best for the RFEF, for the women’s national team and especially for us.” All this, they insist “without entering into public wars”.

Soccer players have also once again denied the demand for Vilda’s dismissal, as “we understand that our job is not to choose the said position”, but they believe it is part of their duty”.express creatively and honestly What we believe can improve group performance”, as did they.

For this reason, they ask themselves: “Can anyone think eight months before the World Cup, a group of top playerswhat we think ourselves to be, This decision has been taken, as publicly implied, as a fad or blackmailReferring to what has been said in the last few hours about his decision after the RFEF statement, he says.

“Request not to be called”, he explains, “We punish our professional careers, our economy And, of course, continue to build something significant in women’s football”, and they recall that “it took many years of effort” to achieve the progress women’s football had made.

And they add that “still a lot to improve As is being demonstrated recently”.

Thus, “from our ambition as players, fighters and winners, we just want to be able to return get the most success Professional and personal.

Its statement forms affect RFEF

international ones They haven’t ignored the hard note Published by the RFEF in which he made public that a total of 15 football players “resign from the Spanish national team” because “the current situation affects them” in a significant way in their “emotional state” and their “health”. , so he asked not to summon “unless it is reversed”.

In this sense, he lamented first of all, that “it has made public, partial and willingA private communication, with information that affects our health, that is part of our intimacy”.

A message, as they indicate, he sent “in response to a request from the Federation to find out which of us did not want to be called” and to which he has received no response.

“last but not least, We will not tolerate the tone of infantilization with which the RFEF ends its statementExpress soccer players, who regret that “we have to reach this peak in terms of the women’s game”, as has already happened in other teams and sports, they recall, “a powerful and ambitious For the present and future generations to move forward in the professional project”, they conclude.

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