The Nintendo Switch Will Finally Release One of the Most Criticized Space Games in History


users of change They will receive one of the most controversial games of recent times. Bandai Namco and Hello Games confirm version of no man’s sky for hybrid console NintendoDelivery which already has an official release date.

Video game developed by Hello Games, no man’s skyofficially premiered Play Station, xbox You pc in 2016; However, the studio was strongly criticized by the community for not including the content it promised in its various productions: multiplayer modes, battles, travel, and even planetary populations.

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Since then, much like Cyberpunk 2077, but on a larger scale, the studio has released 20 updates to add mechanics, visuals, and bug fixes to improve the experience. Which is why after six years, the title is already viewed favorably by the community.

and although it has already been declared that no man’s sky PS5 will receive a virtual reality version for PlayStation VR2, Hello Games and Bandai Namco teaming up to bring the title change,

as soon as you read this. Both studios confirmed that the Space video game will come to Nintendo’s hybrid console in physical and digital formats. next 7 october 2022. Watch the trailer here.

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Shawn Murray, director and founder of Hello Games, had this to say about the advent of his video games change,

“No Man’s Sky feels completely natural and at the same time completely impossible on this small handheld device. This has been a real achievement for our small team. No Man’s Sky is based on procedural generation, which means It’s like everything you see is generated by the console. It made it very hard to get our games on something like the Switch, but I guess this team never looks happy when they’re trying to do the impossible. would have been.”

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