The Metropolitan Mayor would impose Kolau as a disapproval of his expanded AMB.


The mayor of Barcelona, ​​and thus also the president of the metropolitan area, ada colauPlans to lead an October 7 presentation Metropolis Commitment 2030A scheme committed to expanding the scope of AMB, that today is a group of 36 municipalities where 3.3 million people live. until An area of ​​164 towns and 50 million inhabitants.

The idea was promoted by Colau in June 2020 in an act at the Salo de Saint of the Catalan capital’s city hall, with the motto ‘Barcelona Dema. Samjhauta Mahanagar 2030′, A debate was then declared open, much of it linked to the fight against climate change, led by the union Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan (PEMB), a private institution.

50 lakh regional project proposal or, rather, the way it has been approached, Most of the metropolitan mayors have not been seduced yet. According to El PERIÓDICO, they are preparing A sapling for the mayor of Barcelona at the October 7 presentationJoe Cain in the Lima Gardens, on the Diagonal-Besse Complex, in . will be in Sant Adria de Besossi,

absent speaker

The call specifies that it is expected that Colau, the President of the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Mayor of L’Hospitalet, will intervene at the event, nuria marin, Mayor of Sant Adria, Philo Caneteand President of the Catalan Federation of Municipalities and Mayor of Villanova i la Geltr, olga arnau,

According to people aware of the problems faced by the representatives of the Municipal Corporation, Marin won’t join the call, and neither will the rest of the socialist mayors. With one exception: the only PSC councilors who will be there will be the cante of Sant’Adria as mayor and therefore the host of the presentation.

a frontal rejection

According to sources in AMB’s city councils who question the approach of the mayor of Barcelona, PSC mayors’ disapproval of the project Kolau defends comes to the fore, First, because there is no consensus on metropolitan area government, which includes PSC, ERC, En Comú Guanyem and Junts per Catalunya. A consensus, underpinning the same sources, was not sought by Kolau before proceeding in his bet.

The proposal for a larger metropolitan area is based on the belief that integrated wealth will serve to make common decisions that will allow progress in different areas, such as social policy or housing. The territorial scope of the region would include seven counties: Barcelona, ​​Baix Llobregat, Marseille, Garraf, Alt Penedes, Valles Occidental and Valles Oriental.

Among the arguments of those skeptics of the plan, what stands out is that the approach will clash with the Generalitat, as serious competition struggles are felt. The focus of this criticism, which is prevalent among unions of the PSC, is twofold: on the one hand, they state that the Catalan government would not accept that a new and largely administrative unit would dispute the management of the region.

Anyone who is a little old and has a memory will remember how Generalitat Day jordi puzoli When he considered that the then mayor of Barcelona, Pascal Margal, Barcelona Metropolitan Corporation (a group of 27 municipalities in operation since 1974) was given an excessively political profile. suspect they want to turn it into an administration To dispute land with the government, Pujol did not hesitate to give a forceful reply: Disbanded the WBC in 1987.

The second complaint about a possible coincidence between the administration is that the plan is lax: what the AMB and city councils have to do, say voices of dissatisfaction with Kolau, is to demand that the Generalitat carry out its functions and achieve to do. Instead don’t complete them.

representation and elections

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Barcelona en com scene chief criticized for over-elements, One, which takes a commitment to the great metropolitan area alone without seeking the support of other groups, when the ‘common’ has electoral support. no majority in the metropolitan area. Two: that, in the opinion of his critics, he has not shown excessive interest in the WBA during his seven years to preside over,

three: Municipal elections close of May 2023. There are socialist mayors who believe the October 7 presentation can be considered An Electoral Act of Kolaus, who will run for mayor of Barcelona for the third time in May. And, he says, he has no intention of going to hear his program and will therefore stand it.

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