The mayor of Utuado questions why his city is without electricity even though the Dos Bocas hydroelectric plant is active


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Mayor of Utuado, Jorge Perez Heredia, Alleged this Friday there is “discrimination” on the part of LUMA Energy against this Mountain municipality, which lives completely without electricity, and even the Metropolitan Hospital of the Mountain, which is considered a “significant burden”. , is related to the network. ,

Perez Heredia, who served for 20 years as supervisor of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), assured that “Utuado is ready to be activated”, as damage to distribution lines and public lighting was minimal, while the hydroelectric plant is near. Without Dos Bocas activated.

“Our city with the largest population of older adults on the island is without electricity service because Luma has not given authorization to activate it,” he said in a press release.

The mayor questioned why the Dos Bocas Lake hydroelectric plant in Utuado has not been used to power homes and streets in that city.

Units 2 and 3 are available at the Dos Bocas Hydroelectric Plant, which has a combined capacity to generate 10 MW per hour, confirmed PREPA Director Josue Colón Ortiz.

Colón Ortiz acknowledged that Utuado’s demand could be supplied by the 10 MW generated by both units, but commented that the hydroelectric plant is connected to the transmission and distribution network rather than being isolated to supply that municipality’s particular demand. .

However, the municipality had received information that the employees of the hydroelectric plant were waiting for the managerial authority to activate both the units. This Friday afternoon at around 3.30 pm the power finally came.

“Our population finds themselves in unnecessary need because of LUMA … We would not like to think that the metropolitan area is LUMA’s priority and for this reason, they are denying us access to electricity service,” criticizes Mayor Penépé. Of.

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