The judge of ‘Nursery Case’ removed the case from the National Police due to pressure


Updated on: 09.23.2022 9:04 p.m.

the judge who directs nursery case The Val d’Hebron, Catalonia’s largest hospital, under pressure from the National Police, took action and handed them over to the Civil Guard. magistrate Sylvia Lopez On discovering that there was no alleged misconduct in the health center’s toy library, the police force under the agent in charge of investigating the process was changed. peer pressure,

National Police, in previous arrests in Barcelona / National Police

This is what the media understands from police sources close to the case, who have indicated that the case has been snatched from the cloak of Barcelona’s investigation room number 9. national police When it is ascertained that the proceedings of interest were extended. In fact, complaints of alleged crimes at the toy library were filed in October 2018, and little progress was made until July 2022, when the owner cited the investigation of 12 people, including the manager of the healthcare complex,

Change from “pressure” to police force

Before that, however, the judge Sylvia Lopez He had to change the police force as the action ordered by him was taking place amid strong pressure from connections within the National Police Corps (CNP). He detected “discomfort” among the agents and handed over the process to the Civil Guard, which conducts the investigation at the current stage of the directive, the same sources have underlined.

In fact, this is not the first time that the Magistrate lopez Change police force It has already done so with an investigation into an alleged corruption case at the Catalan Letter Institute (ILC), when the former Speaker of Parliament Laura Borrasso Driven the unit. Togada relied on Mosos d’Esquadra, but due to frequent leaks to the press, he withdrew the case from the Catalan police and also handed over the previous assignment to the Civil Guard.

knew the education

epicenter nursery case The toy library that 300 toilet kids have been using for several decades is legit or not. Carmen Martínez, a CGT complainant, has assured that “she lacks a license and continues to do so” and despite this, Val d’Hebron entrusted management to a consortium that she links to UGT. They are vilified for the criminal complaint that the activist filed against the space’s managers and management. lawyer representing you miguel duranwhat today Imbroglio is compared with it is a matter Andalusia. From,

Truth is this Good thing the space had a license or notYou since when, This is the crux of the controversy. Informed sources remind The Medium that although the toy library was not officially reported to the Barcelona City Council until 2022, the Department of Education, competent to establish schools in Catalonia, was aware of the matter since 2014. Because the health workers themselves had given information about it. The ministry said that they want to regularize the status of the Bal Kendra.

tampering with the license until it is closed

However, education did not allow as the nursery required some costly works. Given this, its managers contacted ECA and an engineer to certify the architectural project. The district of Horta-Ginardo requested the activity license in 2017, and those responsible for the center, managing association, responded that the government was aware of the activity, and that they were in the process of legalization.

Despite everything, the process did not proceed for several years, and was reversed by the coronavirus pandemic. martínez The complaint was filed in 2018 and the judge started investigation proceedings for the alleged embezzlement You rhetoricaladvanced target, though with the aforesaid change of police force. Finally, in September this year, The district has closed the centerProvoking the wrath of unions such as SATSE and CCOO, who have called for a solution for toilet children.

It stems from a dispute between two unions.

Be that as it may, the fact that nursery case Val d’Hebron originated from a dispute between two unions: the former representatives of the CSIF and the UGT. It is also factual that it is the first level managers, such as Mr. Albert Salazarihospital manager, but also yolanda lejardik, current ICS manager, candle streeta former director of a public company, and Peter Solerwho held the same position.

Vicente Martinez, the former manager of the Val d'Hebron hospital who fired the health minister, Alba Verges / CG

Vicente Martinez, the former manager of the Val d’Hebron hospital who fired the health minister, Alba Verges / CG

Undoubtedly, the most relevant respondent is Vincent Martinez Ibanez, former head of Health City, former manager of ICS in Girona, former senior official of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs and now, director of regional administration in Castilla y Leon with PP and Vox. Various commanders from the Horta district are also called in, so the fact of what happened to the license will be important to the judge whether there is evidence of a crime or file procedure.

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