The homemade trick to eliminate gray hair naturally


The white hair are defined as the loss of pigmentation of the hair that causes a white color to the mane, discovering absolute love or rejection in those who wear them. They are usually marks of age, but various investigations also affirm that they can arise through stress. If in your case you are willing to eliminate them, naturally and without resorting to the dye, we bring you an effective home trick made from the vinegar and rosemary.

We know that the color of hair It is determined by pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. New melanocytes are made from stem cells of these pigments that live in the hair follicle at the base of the hair strands. And as you age, these cells gradually disappear, forming the white coloration known as white hair. Different studies have revealed that this usually begins after three decades of life.

Although, as can be presented above, there are other factors that delay and increase the time in which the symptoms appear. white hair. It is that pigmentation also influences genes, for example in white people, the loss of pigmentation of the scalp begins earlier, while in Asian people, it happens late or does not appear until longevity.

To hide the white hair naturally you will need 10 dry branches of rosemary and crush it in a container. Then you will have to add a quarter cup of olive oil and add five drops of rosemary essence. Then you should let everything rest until it cools and apply it all over the hair. Later you will cover your head with a towel and let it take effect for at least 45 minutes.

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Once the time has elapsed, you should rinse the hair and, as a last step, you must place vinegar of apple in all the areas where you see white hair. In this case, both apple cider vinegar and rosemary are two of the best products used in current cosmetics to remove gray hair without irritating the skin.

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