The Great Autumn of the Dancer Jesus Rubio Gamo


His generous nature was not enough to land an interview at first, thus crowding out his agenda Jesus Rubio Gamo (Madrid, 40 years old). From today until October 2, choreographers and dancers present six works in two important sections, the Sala Cuerta Parade and in Madrid and Barcelona. flower market, It is an unusual fact that a producer can perform multiple choreographed shows in major theaters in a row; Despite the invention, things are getting expensive with dance in Spain. “It was a bit by chance and a bit out of my plan. Cuarta Pared gave me flexibility in dates and tasks and I arranged it to coincide with the Mercat de les Flors. I had another one from vila last weekend said in a telephone conversation a few hours before the premiere, 32 Preliminary StudiesCreated in collaboration with violinist Luz Prado Heritage Scene Festival.

Such a beautiful exception begins today with a retrospective format on the fourth wall and by Sunday will see five pieces that interest Rubio: the joy and effort “that happens in love and dance” as something insoluble. In. “It’s a program between desire and possibility,” he explains. “What I wanted to show was a mix between actions that could be resumed and those that could be done economically.”

simple action (22 September), The beautiful secret that connects us (23), Announcement You bolero (24) and Now that we’re not old yet (25) Put together a itinerary that dates from 2011 (release date Announcement) by 2021 (The beautiful secret that connects us) a ten-year cult of an artist who practiced skating at age 12 and began dancing at age 18. Then, as happens when one finds his place, desire and ability push through and to this day, Rubio has an extensive career in classical ballet, contemporary dance, theater and literature. “It was not easy to recover some forgotten pieces, such as Announcement, which was practically not observed. I look at it now and I see elements that don’t work, it’s too young, but with it I dared to do things for the first time and I wanted to get back to it.

‘Simple Actions’ by Jesus Rubio Gamow.jesus valinas

Ravel, from fatigue to joy; happily try

This retrospective is an opportunity to complete the preparatory tasks, but also to those who put them at the forefront. what bolero (2015), a 15-minute duet performed by Alberto Alonso and Clara Pampin on the famous music of Maurice Ravel, which finds its success in an apparent power of simplicity. Too Now that we’re not too old (2015), a single danced by the choreographer himself, shot with existential confessions. “There is anger, a sadness and an uncertainty in this work that I just can’t feel. Somehow I am no longer that, but I have to put a body on it and return to that state, it is not easy”. The two pieces, selected by the international network ArrowWaves, were a journey that their previous works could not enjoy.

Ravel is fundamental in Rubio’s trajectory and he bolero After three years of 15 minutes ended in a big, big bolero (2018), which will be seen from 29 September to 1 October at the Mercat de les Flores in Barcelona. one of the works of those times, entered with the clarity and efficiency that earned him Max Performing Arts Award for Best Dance Show in 2020, among other joys. “It’s full of action, energy and precision and it brought out something that interests me: the fact that there’s an invisible stream that we body pour over the dancers.” Co-produced by Teatros del Canal and Mercat de les Flores, big bolero The first was seen in the courtyard of the Conde Duc cultural center in Madrid to celebrate the 2018 summer solstice. Twelve dancers perform movements, powerful, hypnotic, for gratification and exhaustion, “from fatigue to happiness, from happiness to effort” on a raised stage set up for the occasion. “Every time I went into the studio and saw those 12 dancers, it felt like a miracle from the universe.” A large cast, something unusual in contemporary dance in Spain.

‘Gran Bolero’ by choreographer Jesus Rubio Gamow.

choreographer word

The beautiful secret that connects us (2021), another single that completes the program at the Mercat de les Flores (from 30 September to 2 October), testifies to a path that Jesus is practicing in conjunction with the Rubio movement: of the word. Text and choreography in his shows meet as two sides of the same purpose. “When I started icing, there arose a need to express certain things through words,” he says. “Movement and words allow complementary flow and both speak to what interests me: body and thought”. He points out that at the end of the works Now that we’re not too old You The beautiful secret that connects us, based on body and oral language, some spectators asked him where to find his texts they wanted to read. and supported by choreographer elena cordoba, with whom she has collaborated for years (“I had the pleasure of dancing with him once again”), was launched to publish. The result is a short book published by Pligos de Teatro y Danza that will also be presented at the Cuarta Parade. “Actually, it’s not that I have anything concrete to say, I just want that word to take me from place to place. What matters to me are the thoughts that are connected through them.”

October 22 will mark another milestone in the activity of Jesus Rubio: the premiere of his first show for early childhood. Open Space Quinta de los Molinos, from Madrid. “When Beatriz Torres (director of the center) proposed it to me, I thought it was a kind of covert therapy. She knew my work, focused on the difficulty, the despair … and she gave me the pleasure of the first time. talked about”, she explains between laughs, “but I liked the idea and I’m working on Rachmaninoff’s piano adagio. Concerto No. 2, a piece of music I listened to when I was little Because it was used by a Chinese figure skater I loved”.

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