The Giraffe or the Unicorn, by Felix Rira


Political stability is positive when social or economic successes are achieved by society; It is negative when I call for crippling projects and initiatives based on the logic of being able to destabilize the government. According to Catalunya the juntas have triggered Catalan political debate, which questions the value of obeying the government of the Generalitat, donating it to stability, if not serving the interests of independence.

Together they question the value of obeying the government of the Generalitat if it does not serve the interests of liberty.

According to Catalonia Jonts intends to underline that the ERC aspires to consolidate itself in power by creating an independence agenda aimed at guaranteeing political stability for Catalonia, while continuing to abandon the ideals of independence. According to the common metaphor of the Neapolitan politician Palmiro Togliatti, to compare liberty to freedom, the charge surprises Molt libertarians, with a giraffe, which is a singular animal, the grebe fantastic but real, or It is accompanied by the mythical unicorn which symbolizes it. Accuracy.

The question that focuses the debate is not whether Junt’s strategy based on real unicorns is correct, since it cannot be implemented, but rather whether the one developed by the ERC is donating its fruit. We have to weigh whether the successes achieved by the government of the Generalitat are positive, with an increase in the press with 3,100 million euros, the creation of the table of dialogue with the Spanish government, the celebration of the Copa de l’ America in 2024 from Barcelona , the establishment of greater control mechanisms for the Congress del Deputatas over the degree of partial recovery of political influence or the execution of the public functions of the estate in Catalonia.

These successes have been achieved through the competition of ministers and ministers per Catalunya and have been able to create spaces for the Petits que Seguin to provide greater stability to the government. The political actions proposed by the Generalitat’s president, Pere Aragonese, are based on presenting it to Catalan society, later, in order to achieve stability of the government.

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