The former Catalan directors of Acciona called Aragon. 127 million contract lost in


former Catalan director drive one is lost macro contract 127 million euros in Aragon. Investors seen under the umbrella of ambulance company Girona Health Transport Consortiumhas been removed from the tender for non-submission of Bank Guarantee, despite the fact that he was already shortlisted Conflict Tenorio Ambulance.

Health sector sources point to a recent proposal by the Contracting Board of the government of Aragon that grants the immediate transportation of patients in autonomy to an Andalusian company punctuated by an alleged scandal in the tax haven. According to the minutes of the autonomous executive, the group, which submitted a proposal through Federationloses the contract race tenorio Because they have not submitted a bank guarantee of 6.28 million euros on time.

The firm asked for a discount, but Aragon didn’t.

Investors asked for a “fixed collateral discount” or value hold. However, the regional government has denied the greed of CatalanBecause the specifications were accurate in this case.

Concourse / CG. The resolution of the Aragon Table, confirming the return of

As the table refused to accept the concierge’s strategy, the second classified, controversial. tenorio ambulancehas been proposed for the award. You now have 10 days to do so: Present the bank guarantee. If this is not successful, the executive Javier Lambano A new award would have to be opened when only two applicants who submitted an offer fell through.

The second Catalan who falters in Aragon

Consorci’s exclusion means two things. On the one hand, a second Catalan company causes a shipwreck while trying to take a position in Aragon’s health transport. was the first Agara Ambulancewho managed non-essential medical transportation in 2020 but ended up at odds with his partner, corn ambulance, and unlike Aragonese Healthcare. In fact, Agara has been so affected in the neighboring region that it has already abandoned the immediate transport contract, As explained by the Global ChronicleDespite the fact that it exploits the non-essential or scheduled and can detect synergies and economies of scale.

Now, it’s another company — and a competitor to Agera — Girona Consortium, which stumbles into border autonomy with Catalonia. Not in vain, from the health sector they have already pointed solvency problem Girona when it was revealed that it had bid for a macro contract. This requires, for example, the operation of 100 ambulances at the same time, Property that is not with the concierge.

They are Acciona. were ‘before’

Despite this, Catalan was ahead of the controversial Tenorio. with less offer And got the prize. This happened, he recalls from the industry, because it was actually not Concorsi that did the bidding, but a group of former Aciona directors who used Catalan as a vehicle to compete. commands them edward vidalFormer Executive Vice President of Grupo Memora and former Head of Acciona Healthcare Services,

Edward Vidal triggers memory

Eduard Vidal, former Executive Vice President of Memora and Acciona Healthcare / Ceded

You listen rafael, Director of the Banking Sector, former member of the board of Memora, PSA, Citron, REE, and who currently appears on Creand Wealth’s Appointments and Remuneration Committee, is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Directors and Airtificial of the CONSAC Group. Two senior managers were joined on their Aragonese adventure Edgar NolaWith the former manager of the Department of Health of Acciona Vidal and now director of the Institute of Medical Evaluation IDEM; and by manager Manuel Zafarahwho also held corporate responsibility positions, Commemoration,

They are Conorci. wanted to buy

This team could not participate in the Aragonese competition because it lacked a medical transport company. So they asked for the protection of the veteran Girona ConsortiumA Catalan group with a long history that has shrunk in recent years as a result of being left out Patient Transport Macro-Competition of Catalonia, awarded in 2015. On that occasion, the TSC granted the consortium its fiefdom, Girona and signed Pedro Maria Martínez He had to find other sources of income. It acquired them in Andalusia, where it operates some public contracts through Ambulance Los Angeles, an investor.

In Aragon, the strategy was different: win a contest of 127 million and Sell ​​the company to a group of managers led by Vidal, as explained by sources familiar with the operation. This would be done through the transfer of shares after the award and at the same time, it would capitalize the company and obtain sufficient funds to deposit the guarantee with the Government of Aragon. The plans have been cut short and the contract will take him, except by surprise, Tenorio.

Agara resigned and made way for them

Prior to this, the operation of the concourse was based on the previous premise: Agara Ambulance, which already operates non-essential or scheduled transportation in Aragon, will not bid for urgent. from the field they remember “the ProblemThat Teresa carrier has been in the area would have given it a juicy contract from the Aragonese government, despite the fact that it already has infrastructure on the ground.

What’s more, the disruption of the former of drive understood in the field because the group that leads Jose Manuel Entrecanales He has directed for immediate transportation from the final contract 2018 to 2022. “And there is a different person in charge who oversees both the contracts, the budgetary channels are different and the strategies are different”, the same sources explained. The successful bidder can make use of Aragonese Health Services’ hospital network, something that is not the case with other subcontractors.

Andalusian on target

Union sources have lamented the outcome of a tender in which they had little hope. they remember “mortal phase of Agara Ambulance” for the Aragonese medical transport, which feared a recurrence this time with the concourse in urgent service. And they emphasize that “if the Catalans do not win, the ambulance tenorio, who also have a conflicting history.” In Not in vain, the name of the founder of the company Shown In offshore rigs Released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), however tenorio He denies that he is the manager, but there is someone with the same name.

Grupo Tenorio Ambulance, Panama and one of the corporate documents / CG Photomontage

Grupo Tenorio Ambulance, Panama and one of the corporate documents / CG Photomontage

Aragon Spain marks a new milestone in the battle for medical transport, a traditional family sector that investment funds and large business groups have landed in recent years. Evidence of this is the concursi itself, which governed as a provincial company, but which later sought to sell itself to increase business in the Aragonese Autonomy, martínezIts founder is approaching retirement.

in other cases, such as Agara AmbulanceWere professionalism it has become too much at odds with and the controversy over the arrival of a business center close to the government’s pro-independence director and former communications secretary, David Madik, The group of directors has displaced the Simon family, the historical custodians of the Egrens company.

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