The flight of Russian defenders opens another crack in the EU


no escape at the moment Russian defector running from mobilization of reservoirs ordered by Vladimir PutinUkraine to continue nurturing the Russian front, but the presidency of the European Union, which leads this semester czech republicknows that the situation may be Out of control at any time and that there is no consensus among the twenty-seven as to how to act: whoever seeks asylum or international security or keeps the door shut. they’ll talk about it all this Monday Twenty-seven permanent ambassadors at a meeting of Integrated Political Crisis Response Mechanism (IPCDR) convened by the Czech Presidency to try to bring the positions together.

“The decision to convene this meeting demonstrates the seriousness with which we take current events in Russia and Ukraine and our commitment to coordinating an effective response,” the EU President said without specifying the agenda or possible match results. Announced in a brief statement. According to diplomatic sources, all the issues will be discussed: From new round of sanctions prepared by the European Commissionuntil repeated Putin’s nuclear threat and possible arrival of russian refugees to the European Union.

Five EU countries – Baltic Republic, Poland or Czech Republic– have already guessed that they will not open their doors to Russians fleeing military mobilization. “I understand that Russians flee from increasingly desperate decisions made by Putin, but those who flee their country because they do not want to fulfill the duty imposed on them by their state can obtain humanitarian visas and rdquors. ;, explained this Thursday Foreign Minister Jan Lipavski of the Czech Republic, the first country to ban the issuance of tourist visas to Russians after the invasion.

Finland, for its part, continues to keep its doors open – it shares a 1,300-kilometre border with Russia and eleven border crossings – and the daily arrivals of Russian citizens have doubled since the reservoir mobilization was announced. “Deserts may have a well-founded fear of persecution or a real risk of serious harm and may be entitled to international protection. Applications should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis,” recalled this Friday European Asylum Agency which is already preparing “specific guidelines” for the member states.

harsh punishment

next week will also be on the table of twenty seven new round of sanctions Against Russia declared by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, The Community Executive has already begun talks with member states—they will continue over the weekend—to design a new proposal that could be presented next week and would include Ban on export of civil technology, Five countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ireland – demand a stronger hand from Brussels and propose a long list of restrictions on the export of not only products such as smartphones, computers, radios, lasers or cyber security systems .

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It is proposed to expand the banking institutions excluded from the SWIFT payment communication system to include these five countries gazprombank (intermediary in gas payment), Alfa Bank, Tinkoff Bank and Rosbank, They also propose to ban diamond import processed from or from Russia – something that countries such as Belgium have so far resisted – as well as real estate sales For Russian citizens and companies in the European Union, unless they have a residence or establishment permit.

In addition, they propose to extend the prohibition of entry into European ports to ships hired, chartered or operated by any Russian person or company; prohibiting European companies from providing insurance services of any kind to the Russian government; Restrict the use of antivirus technology developed by Kaspersky Lab, as well as new limits on nuclear cooperation and details on energy.

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