The EL PERIÓDICO survey on the general elections after the elections in Andalusia, in full


In an exercise in transparency, highly valued by political scientists, journalists, militants and citizens sensitive to electoral demoscopies, EL PERIÓDICO has been regularly disseminating since 2011 the complete data of all your surveys. Next, we do the same with the poll on the general elections prepared by the Office of Social Studies and Public Opinion (GESOP) after regional elections in Andalusiain which the PP obtained a historic absolute majorityand that the media of the Prensa Ibérica group published from June 25 to 28.

According to this study, the ‘Andalusia effect’ would drive Alberto Nunez Feijoowould stop the growth of Vox in its tracks and collapse the PSOE from Pedro Sanchez. The PP could reach 144 seats after the Andalusian elections and would add a comfortable absolute majority with an extreme right that loses steam. On the contrary, the Socialists could be below 100 deputies and see how the advantage of the popular has been extended to 7.6 points.

Faced with this scenario, which would pave the way for a possible PP-Vox Alliancea third of Spaniards they would prefer a PP-PSOE coalition government and only 17% want the extreme right in the Executive. 30% of those surveyed are in favor of reissuing the alliance between the Socialists and United We Can. Sánchez’s bad moment is also reflected in the fact that seven out of ten Spaniards government attempts to lower the price of electricity are suspendedand that even half of the socialist voters disapprove of the administration being carried out by the Executive.

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Finally, the GESOP survey also confirms that two out of every three Spaniards they are committed to regulating prostitutionas defended by the PSOE, including the voters of United We Can, whose leadership is more inclined towards prohibition. Furthermore, only a third of citizens they approve the last visit of King Juan Carlos to Sanxenxo and one in five respondents is indifferent to the return to Spain of the former head of state.

These are, in full, microdatathe microdata variablesthe data sheet and the vertical tabs of this recent survey.

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