The disagreement over the deputies’ allowances is perpetuated in the Parliament’s new budget


  • The institution foresees an increase of 400,000 euros to cover the costs of electricity, water and gas during 2023

In October of last year, the Parliament approved your budget for 2022who was advancing in a progressive reduction of compensation (the well-known diets) of the deputies so that they are included in the salary. Eleven months later, that deal actually has not been made effective and the new accounts of the Catalan Chamber, which will be approved in the plenary session on October 18 and 19, will start to work without there being a perspective for the pact. Of course, this time it has already been contemplated directly that pay at least one monthly payment of these compensations for travel, which range between 16,975.56 and 23,895.12 euros per year depending on the place of residence of the deputy and which are charged even if no trips are made because they act as a salary supplement.

The knot between the parties remains who should assume the taxation of personal income tax and whether or not deputies should lose purchasing power. And it is that at the moment that the allowances are incorporated into the monthly salary they are subject to taxation and, therefore, to a withholding that, in practice, cuts the salary. The The base monthly salary of a deputy is 2,921.8 euros. The initial proposal to prevent this from happening was for the Parliament to cover the cost of that personal income tax, which meant €1.1 million for their coffers, an approach that was confronted by the CUP and also by the ‘comuns’. Since then, the multiple negotiations have not borne fruit for everyone to agree on what proportion the elected should bear the cost of that taxation.

The institution’s budget for 2023 is 66.9 million2.13% more than this year. Pick up the 2% salary increase for workers and officials. While the disagreement over the deputies’ allowances continues, this time it has been decided to maintain all the monthly allowances, except one -between 1,400 and 2,000 euros per year-, even in the chapter on compensation -that is, not subject to taxation -, as was done in 2017 and 2019.

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And it is that in the 2022 budget, under the logic that it was “plausible agreement”everything was included in chapter 1, the one on staff remuneration, and that forced the Ombudsman of Accounts and Treasury of the Catalan Chamber has alerted the members of the Table that they had to modify the budget so as not to incur in accounting illegalities and a breach of the regulations. This time the design of the accounts has been done under the assumption that there will still be no agreement. “There is no absolute change of model”assume parliamentary sources.

One of the novelties in the current expenses chapter is that 400,000 euros more to cover the expenses of water, electricity and gas. In fact, already this year the Chamber has had to request an increase in credit of 300,000 euros to deal with rising energy costs. There are also additional expenses for the assumption of the presidency of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA) during 2023, the European network of scientific and technological advice to parliaments. The accounts will also include an item of €25,000 by remunerate internships in the institution of university students.

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