The day in pictures: The UN accuses Russia of war crimes in Ukraine


1.- Illegal referendums in the areas invaded by Russia

While the UN fact-finding mission in Ukraine has concluded, after visiting the country in June, that Russia has committed and continues to commit war crimes in the invasion of the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin maintains his plan to annex the occupied territories. Citizens of the territories of Kherson Y Zaporizhia and the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk Y Luganskrecognized by the Kremlin in February, have already begun to vote in the referendums on annexation to Russia promoted by the pro-Russian authorities in the area. The votes will last until September 27 and the international community considers them “illegal”, so the results will not be recognized.


2.- Protests in Iran over the murder of Mahsa Amini

Protests over the death of young Mahsa Amini after being arrested for improperly wearing the veil continue in Iran, with demonstrations in various parts of the country.


Protests in Tehran over the death of young Mahsa Amini / EFE – EPA – STRN

3.- Lesmes begins the process for his resignation

The president of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and of the Supreme Court (TS), Carlos Lesmes, prepares his possible resignation with a report on his possible replacement as no agreement has been reached to renew positions.


Carlos Lesmes, in a file image / EFE

4.- Feijóo has Aznar

The leader of PAGES, Alberto Nunez FeijooHe has assured that if he becomes President of the Government, he would like to have Jose Maria Aznar. “If he touches us, I’ll tell him to give us a hand,” he said, without revealing how, and receiving praise from his predecessor.

4 beans

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, together with José María Aznar / EFE

5.- The rains arrive

Bad weather and heavy rains begin to make an appearance in various parts of Spain. In Tarragona, this Friday acts of its main festival were suspended and floods were recorded in nearby towns such as Constantí. Meanwhile, the Canary Islands are on alert for the possible arrival of violent weather phenomena.


A woman photographing San Sebastián, where showers are expected / EFE

6.- A hurricane rages in the south of Puerto Rico

Rice and beans are some of the typical foods of the Puerto Rican diet that are being distributed to the poorest and “forgotten” communities of the southern municipality of Ponce, days after Hurricane Fiona shook the foundations of their fragile wooden houses.


A woman observes this Wednesday a house destroyed by the passage of Hurricane Fiona in the neighborhood of Punta Diamante in Ponce, Puerto Rico / EFE / Thais Llorca

7.- Drug burning in Mexico

In recent hours, the Mexican Army has incinerated more than six tons of drugs seized in the northern state of Nuevo León, corresponding to 80 investigation folders, in the facilities of the Seventh Military Zone.


The Mexican Army, incinerating more than six tons of drugs seized in the facilities of military camp 7, in Monterrey / EFE – Miguel Sierra

8.- The reopening of the Colombian-Venezuelan border, a relief for migrants

The total reopening of the border is a relief for the nearly 2.5 million Venezuelans who fled to Colombia due to the crisis, many of whom received the Temporary Protection Statute and will now have more facilities to maintain ties with their country.


A woman with some suitcases on the Colombian side of the Simón Bolívar bridge, in Cúcuta (Colombia) / EFE – Mario Caicedo

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