The cut to Tamara Falcó after praising the Qatari regime in ‘El Hormiguero’


The arrival of the emeritus king in Spain from Abu Dhabi and the reception of emir of Taste by the Government and the Royal House were two of the issues addressed last Thursday at the current affairs gathering of the anthillwhere every week they participate Cristina Brown, Nuria Roca, Juan del Val Y Tamara Falco. With respect to Qatari regimemost of the commentators agreed in condemning that human rights are not respected, but it was the affirmations of the daughter of Isabel Preysler those that provoked a reaction from their peers.

had one thing to say“, Falcó interrupted the presenter, Pablo Motos, before he changed the subject. “Among all the countries of Islam, Qatar is the first that, at the same time as men, allowed women to vote. They have political positions, they are in all kinds of institutions, 43% of women work … “, he has begun to explain.

In his opinion, “human rights cannot be consented to, but within what fits…”, Tamara Falcó has expressed. “Furthermore, I have to say that there are many Filipinos working there”, she wanted to point out.

The Marchioness of Griñón was unable to finish her speech as she was interrupted by her partner, the journalist Cristina Pardo. “But do you think it is a lot that 43% of women workif the data is like that, that I don’t know?”, he asked.

Without the option to reply by Falcó, Juan del Val has entered the debate to reply: “We don’t know because there are no journalists. They can vote in an election where there are no political parties“, has nuanced.

Nuria Roca’s husband has not stayed there and has delved deeper into the matter: “And of course, the woman, depending… The woman, without the consent of the husband, can do absolutely nothing. It is not something frivolous, it seems to me that it is something tremendous, and all the reports from Amnesty International and others talk about Qatar does not respect human rights, this is so. This is not something that we can discuss”, said Del Val forcefully, considering the debate settled.


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