The closure of the Almaraz II and Vandelos II nuclear power plants will put pressure on the price of electricity


The Almaraz II nuclear power plant, in the province of Cáceres, will be cut from the electricity grid next Monday to complete previously scheduled maintenance work. Work will last about a month, so it will coincide with the shutdown that the Vandelos II plant will also be in Tarragona, in mid-October, for the same reason. According to the Nuclear Forum, a thousand people participate in these works for each plant of specialized subsidiaries. This will most likely lead to an even greater increase in electricity prices, as the energy off production by these plants will have to be covered with renewable energy and, above all, with gas plants, whose costs are the highest of all generation mix. is more. It should be noted that nuclear power plants, although they account for only 7% of installed generation power, produced 20.8% of total electricity last year, surpassed only by wind power (24%). The closure of these plants comes at a time when electricity prices are rising due to higher gas prices and demand is also increasing due to the arrival of colder weather and shorter hours of sunshine. Almaraz II is the second oldest of the seven (38 years old) plant in the Spanish Nuclear Park. Its ‘twin’ Almaz I was made a year earlier (1983). It has an installed capacity of 1,044.45 MW and is owned, in both cases, by Iberdrola (53%), Endesa (36%) and Naturgi (11%). Two weeks later, the Vandelos II reactor in the province of Tarragona, which has a capacity of 1,087.14 MW, will also be shut down. Its shareholders are Endesa (72%) and Iberdrola (15%). The plant started functioning in 1988. More information Nuclear industry calls for an extension of the life of plants and a reduction in their taxation Germany is studying a return to nuclear power so as not to depend on Russian gas Government and power companies agreed in 2019 to systematically organize all plants (Almaraz II in October 2028 and Vandelos II in July 2030).

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