The challenges of King Charles III before the possible dissolution of the Commonwealth


death of queen elizabeth ii Marked the beginning of the end of the Elizabethan era. a 70 years period Characterized by changes that tried to break with royal customs Obsolete from the point of view of the equitable future. Although former british empire It adopted new structures legitimized only by the narratives of equality and development.

Elizabeth’s International PolicyNeutral in principle only, he focused on maintaining his influence in the countries of the former empire through his leadership The Commonwealth of Nations is known as the Commonwealth.

commonwealth is an international organization of 56 independent and semi-independent countries, founded in 1926 at the Convention of Brittany and its Dominions. In 1949, it allowed access to republics with historical ties Empire From Africa, America, Asia, Europe and the Pacific.

nowadays, 14 Commonwealth countries recognized King Charles III As the head of state and about 2.6 billion people, a third of the world’s population, are part of this royal organization. over 200 visits to Queen Member countries show their proximity and influence over the organization and in these areas.

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What will happen to the legacy left by Queen Elizabeth II to the British Empire?

In 1953, recently in the post-war world, Queen emphasized in his Christmas speech that commonwealth It was a novel project, far from the configuration of ancient kingdom,

The new development and economic cooperation agenda was particularly attractive to those formerly smaller regions that were still (re)building their state project, and who decided to do it together. British Monarchy And not against it.

is so power relations between member states keep playing Colonial Heritage nowadays. According to a Global Justice Now report, African members pay about $40 billion more in interest than the total amount they receive for humanitarian aid or cooperation programs within the organization.

Similarly, the extraction of its mineral resources such as gold 101 is mostly controlled by British companies. in favor of the balance United Kingdom which has used diplomatic tactics to achieve convenient economic agreements.

However, there has always been a hidden historical claim that points to inter-generational injustice and lack of complete freedom.

For example, Jamaica will not become a republic after 2025, Antigua and Barbuda will hold a referendum to the same effect, and Barbados bids farewell to Queen as head of state in 2021. With all these critical speeches and anti-colonial,

recent complex work tour of Prince Guillermo suggests the future commonwealth without his Caribbean allies. The undeniable importance of leadership and the charisma of Queen in the international consolidation of commonwealth,

The organization is now led by King Charles III, Confirmed for a status that is not automatically granted King In exchange for. Was the last sign of support for your confirmation Queen or meritorious, King Is The Challenge of Leading the Commonwealth Openly Elizabethan.

For example, Australia may replace the image of the Queen on its new five-dollar bill with an image of an Australian man. The king today faces the big challenge of maintaining the Commonwealth United in the post-Elizabeth era, with significant discussions about its colonial origins and without paying tribute to it.

By: Mitxy Mabel Meneses Gutiérrez. PhD in Politics from Goldsmith College, University of London. His areas of specialization are international relations, post-colonialism and transnationalism. He is currently a researcher and teacher at Sheffield Hallam University, England, UK.

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