The attorney general promotes Dolores Delgado to the highest category of the career without the support of the Fiscal Council


What was not achieved with a legal reform, has been achieved by the Attorney General of the State, Álvaro García Ortiz, in his first important appointments in the fiscal dome. His predecessor in office, Dolores Delgado, will be promoted to highest category of the tax career when proposed to occupy the position of chief prosecutor of the Togada (military) Chamber of the supreme court, but it does so without the support of the Fiscal Council.

Delgado appeared at the call to fill this position along with 19 other applicants, and the matter was discussed this Thursday in a marathon session in which Delgado obtained only 4 votes from his colleagues compared to the 6 obtained by Luis Rueda, a candidate with experience in military matters. Among the unborn members of the body there are five members of the majority Association of Prosecutors, two from the Progressive Union to which the former attorney general herself belonged, and one from the Professional and Independent Association of Prosecutors (APIF).

Until Delgado’s interest in the Robed Prosecutor’s Office became known, it was speculated that his resignation from the position for health reasons last July would continue in the yet-to-be-created headquarters of Democratic Memory or the one that will be dedicated in a specialized way to the hate crimes. He even ventured that he might drop out to practice in a private office.

The future of the former Minister of Justice and former Attorney General, with a place in the National High Court, was already the subject of controversy several months ago. Last June, the lack of parliamentary support forced the PSOE to withdraw the amendment that had been introduced in a law in the process of being reformed, the Bankruptcy Law, and that intended to secure a place for Delgado automatically in the top flight career when she was dismissed from her post. This raised strong criticism from the opposition and even from the government’s minority partner, United We Can, and several parliamentary allies.

“It’s not continuity”

According to the member of APIF Salvador Viada, The same way of acting has been repeated with the new attorney general as with Dolores Delgado. “It’s not that it’s continuous, it’s that it’s practically the same,” he tells El PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, a newspaper that forms part of the Prensa Ibérica group as well as this media outlet, and regrets that the professional CVs of the prosecutors are left at the end “at free discretion of the attorney general” which has been supported by the two members of UPF and the ex officio members of the Fiscal Council. “No argument is given in,” he adds, alluding to the seniority, merits and experience, which are opposed by subjective reasons.

The spokeswoman for the AF, the majority in the race, makes an even harsher assessment. “The message that the new attorney general sends is that demonstrated ability and merit corners them in favor of friends and ideological affines in the case of the prosecutor’s position in the Military Chamber and in the Tenure of the National High Court,” he tells this newspaper Cristina Dexeus.

A related to the attorney general for the AN

The Fiscal Council discussed the provision of other positions in the fiscal dome, among them the head of the fiscal inspection, a key position in the career, as well as that of Lieutenant prosecutor of the National High Court. In this case, García Ortiz will propose the designation of Martha Duringz, who was one of his collaborators in the Technical Office of the Attorney General’s Office in front of the current spokesman for the Public Ministry in said body, Miguel Ángel Carballo. “Cacicada is confirmed”, Sources from Carballo’s environment told this newspaper that they regret that the experienced prosecutor has lost to a colleague without a track record in the National Court.

For his part, the favorite prosecutor to renew as Anticorruption chief, Alejandro Luzón, manages to revalidate his position for five more years. The only disputed position was the fiscal lieutenant of this department and an eternal candidate for it, Bethlehem Suarez.

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With 25 years of experience -in Anti-corruption since 1995-, the Madrilenian Luzón was part of the team that analyzed the possible irregular conduct of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I -some proceedings that ended up in the file-. He was also the prosecutor of the ‘Bankia case’, among whose pieces was the one that judged those implicated by the use of ‘black’ cards, as well as the trial against the director general of the Civil Guard Louis Roldan.

Other appointments

For fiscal Inspector of the Fiscal Inspection will be designated to Juan Jose Garcia Criado, who entered the prosecutor’s career in 1989. He currently works in the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Córdoba, where he was assigned in 1993. The new attorney general will also propose the following appointments to the Government: Maria Farnes as Superior Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands; Santiago Herraiz Spain as Superior Prosecutor of La Rioja; Luis Uriarte as Anti-Drug Prosecutor; Pedro Javier Jimenez as Chief Prosecutor of Grenada; John the baptist for the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Malaga; John Baratech for Huesca; Diego Miranda as head of the Sabadell area; Ana Maria Martin-Forero as responsible in Móstoles, Gloria Garcia in Granollers and Miguel Armenteros in the Ferrol area.

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