The Antenna TrainLab Awards are born to help entrepreneurs who are committed to sustainable mobility


The way we walk determines the quality of life in cities. Taking the car for any purchase is not the same as going in public transport or bike. The way of thinking is changing, if only for the planet. For this reason, more and more companies and administrations are betting on a sustainable mobility,

But without financial support there is no sure bet. With this objective in mind, the Antenna TrainLab Awards have just been created, an initiative that arises within the framework of the collaboration between the two. RenfeMataro City Council and TecnoCampus.

The program, endowed with 150,000 euros, will support four start up With innovative solutions for digitization of stations, customer satisfaction, 3D applications and other disruptive technologies that help envision new mobility scenarios. And thus favor the creation of the first node of the network of antennas specialized in solutions and technology applied in the mobility sector.

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Renfe train service improvement

The conduct of these awards will be as follows: Each year four entrepreneurial projects will be selected to enter a six-month evaluation program that includes the possibility of testing solutions in the area of ​​Mataro and Marsme. The call will be open from September 21 to October 27.

renfe suburban

Renfe Commuter Train

Juan Manuel Espinosa Bento

Innovative, technological and sustainable ideas and projects that respond to the following four challenges presented by Renfe are sought: smart railway stationwith the aim of promoting technological solutions in stations that allow to offer customers more valuable information; customer happinessTo improve continuous contact with the customer; 3Drail, to introduce 3D printing technology; You Keep it open!where they will be assessed start up Disruptive companies developing solutions based on new technologies not yet widely implemented in the railway sector.

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When are the awards given?

The prizes will be presented at the end of November during the traditional Entrepreneurship Night, held annually in Mataro, organized by TecnoCampus and the city council, during which the Creative Prizes are also presented.

The four winning projects will receive various financial contributions to develop their solutions. There will be a provision of EUR 40,000 for each operational challenge. and winning project Keep it open! 30,000 Euros will be received.

They will also have access to TecnoCampus Park and their own job at TrenLab Antenna Headquarters, located in the same park, to develop and test the winning business project for a maximum of six months.

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