The Altar Boys Rebellion by Joan Tapia


As of Monday, the current heads of the PSOE, not the past, led by Pedro Sanchez, Ever since he won a censure motion against Rajoy and two general elections in 2019, he has been little talked about.

My Emiliano Garcia-Page, Who Voted in the PSOE Primary susanna diazzi and what happened President of Castile-La Mancha Two legislatures (the first with the support of Podemos), he said in July: “The PSOE has a leader for the whole of Spain, the rest of us are just altar boys”. Then: “We have absolute unanimity, which is a & rdquo; Is.

But this same García-Page, who applauded Sanchez in Toledo last Thursday and in Zaragoza on Saturday, sabotaged plans on Monday by refuting the president in ‘El Mundo’ statements on three key issues. One, the government has “bad companies”. The problem is not the dismantling of the legislature… If we continue like this, obviously there will be a punishment… When Pablo Iglesias left, he recognized that he had focused too much on social disapproval and dispelled the cloud of disapproval. has not been reduced. I had no choice but to agree with Podemos (in 2015), but I made it clear to them from day one that my aim was to defeat them and drive them out, he said…if there are internal fights in the government Standing debate daily and with minority mates does not generate certainty, it is negative.

the second criticism ERC and Bildu . parliamentary dependency of “Those who wish to destabilize, attack or even break the state in their political code” ERC has the right to claim independence, But I worry that he uses institutional power to break the Constitution.”

Third, perhaps most relevant at the moment: “There is one”. state calendar which is more than a legislature which should be agreed between the two major parties committed to constitutional stability & rdquo; Then, “I from Feiju… I have a good concept… I do not share or recognize that bankrupt name, nor do I think it is accurate& mldr; We have to put an end to the eternal trend of frontism. People agree with PP on some things and with PSOE on some. You don’t have to be hardcore. The next election will be won by the one who gets the least amount of mud.

Why does Caramba, García-Page applaud Sanchez for a few days and start a revision on Monday in its entirety? Those who know him well say he is a tough politician (toledo’s mayor for eight years and regional president since 2015) who knows his land very well. There is no sewing without thread and Now his only aim is to be re-elected in May for which he needs an absolute majority. and you know that In Castilla-La Mancha, Podemos doesn’t show much, and libertarians like it less. He doesn’t want to get caught up in Sanchez’s deals. His great fight is to gain maximum liberal votes, a part of which voted for Pepe Bono and José María Barreda (two former socialist presidents) and then for Dolores de Cospedal. And he also believes that the Frankenstein government, however necessary, cannot be replicated.

He doesn’t try to break up with Sanchez, not at all with PSOE, But if he distances himself and believes the President will be swallowed up. It also needs the protection of Castilla-La Mancha. He believes that Sanchez is loved among militants, but he has lost many wings among Manchego voters. It has less stretch than that.

A former leader reflects: “Perhaps he thought he had committed himself too much to Sanchez on Thursday and Saturday and that he should compensate him”. but, So much destroying the government’s discourse? “Well, his goal is to get re-elected, no matter what, but he lacks finesse, he’s tougher than Bono and rdquor.

The explanation is logical, but when the rebellion begins, the end is not known. And there are other regional presidents who may think the same. It’s not convenient for them to associate with Podemos or Buildu… and maybe not too much with Sanchez.

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But the most cryptic part of the interview is the ending, when asked what will happen in PSOE, he says: “There can’t be another 1 October 2016” (The federal committee that Sanchez lost and split PSOE in two). Things can’t get to that point again”.

Do you finally want, and in spite of everything, to have a closer relationship with Sanchez, or will you prefer his resignation? Perhaps everything depends on the result of regional and municipal elections in May.

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