The 15 Best Lip Moisturizers of 2022 for a Soft and Supple Pout


To combat the dreaded crack, a good lip moisturizer is a must. As someone who suffers from perennially dry lips no matter the season, I always have a trusty tube or pot of balm on my person (or purse, desk, bathroom shelf, or nightstand). And I certainly have my tried and true favourites: in this curated list below, you’ll find the lip moisturizers that actually, you know, job.

You are probably wondering: What is the difference between a lip moisturizer and a lip balm? Well, to be honest, these categories are not clearly defined. Most of the language of lip products: moisturizers, masks, balms, salves et al., it all depends on marketing. But if you want a set definition, you can think of lip moisturizers as formulas that include a mix of humectants, emollients, and occlusives to deliver moisture to your lips. This is compared to an occlusive-only wax or jelly balm that just covers the surface, or shiny, bulky numbers that are there for cosmetic purposes only.

Browse our collection of the best lip moisturizers for a thirsty pout below.


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