The 14-year-old will represent Peru at the World Robotics Championships


Kiara Efio Sing is a teenage student at the Virgen de Guadalupe school, which is located in Ankashwill represent Peru International Educational World Robotics Tournament “Challenge of the Condor”, which will take place next year in neighboring Ecuador.

The student achieved her classification after taking second place in the local competition thanks to her creation Robot Otto Humanoid Which he called “Tata”. The robot made by Kiara has six motors, a distance sensor, can walk and even dance through a system.

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“I have high hopes of representing Peru and showcasing my knowledge,” expressed the minor excitedly. Before that, he has participated in amateur category in international competitions in Bolivia and Mexico, where they took second and third places; respectively.

His mother Leena Sing said that Kiara was interested from the age of 9 robotic, He was proud of his daughter’s achievement and sought the support of the regional government and the Ministry of Education for his daughter.

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santea aspires to be a minor Mechatronics Engineering when I finish school. Meanwhile, he is focused on representing the country in front of another 15 delegations from other countries in the competition to be held in Ecuador from April 9 to 11, 2023.

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