The 10 most addictive thrillers you can see on RTVE Play


We know that reality can overcome the suspense of any psychological thrillerbut in case you want to go to the world of fiction, in RTVE Play We have prepared a selection with the best movies of this genre that you can see on our platform.

Intrigue stories that will hook you, classics of the genre such as Thesis or thrillers as original as The hole (2019), the latest release in our catalogue. The best showcase of cinema in Spanish is here. enjoy the movies free and open with the extensive open catalog. Unforgettable classics, auteur films and blockbusters. You have it all. Discover our entire catalog at We are Cinema, a wide variety of titles with the best cinema in Spanish and the best directors of the moment.

Next, we bring you the best selection of thrillers to watch in RTVE Play.

The author (2017), by Manuel Martin Cuenca

Distribution: Javier GutierrezAntonio de la Torre, Maria Leon

The Author (2017)

Álvaro wants to be a writer, but everything he writes is false, pretentious, insipid. He works in a notary’s office in Seville and his life is grey, colored only by his dreams. His wife, Amanda, is just the opposite. She has always been down to earth and she has never dreamed of being a writer. However, it is she who begins to write and a best-seller comes out. Ironies of life. See here.

The beach of the drowned (2015)

Distribution: Carmelo Gomez, Antonio Garrido, Celia Freijeiro

The Beach of the Drowned (2015)

Sunday Villar It’s one of the most popular detective genre authors of Spanish letters, that is why it is not surprising that sooner or later the adaptation of one of his novels came to theaters. Also passionate about cinema, on this occasion Villar himself participated in the creation of the script for this film together with the filmmaker Felipe Vega. ¡you can see it here!

Enemy (2013)

Distribution: Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent

Enemy (2013)

Abundie Bell is a history teacher with a monotonous life and a boring relationship with a woman named Mary. One day, while watching a rented movie, Abundie discovers an actor who is physically just like him. Exactly the same. Abundie makes the mistake of looking for that person: a small-time actor named Anthony Claire. This mistake triggers a revolution in Abundie’s life… but also in Anthony’s, Mary’s and Helen, Anthony’s pregnant wife. ¡you can see it here!

Thesis (1996), by Alejandro Amenabar

Distribution: Ana Torrent, Eduardo Noriega, Fele Martinez

‘Thesis’ (1996), by Alejandro Amenábar

Ángela (Image student at the university) is preparing a thesis on audiovisual violence. Her thesis director agrees to look for material for him in the university’s video library, but the next day he is found dead. Ángela meets Chema (a fellow expert in gore and pornographic films), and Bosco, a strange boy, a close friend of a young woman murdered in a snuff movie. This film was awarded seven Goya awards in its XI edition (1997). See here.

magic girl (2014), by Carlos Vermouth

Distribution: Barbara Lennie

Magic Girl (2014)

Luis knows that what his daughter Alicia, twelve years old and suffering from leukemia, wants most is a dress for a fictional character and her thirteenth birthday. Luis is unemployed, the dress is very expensive, but he has to get it before the second wish doesn’t come true, and he won’t notice the media. Directed by Carlos Vermouth, this feature film has won 6 awards, one of them a Goya for best actress (Bárbara Lennie). ¡you can see it here!

The killer of whims (2019)

Distribution: Maribel Verdu, Aura Garrido

The killer of the whims (2019)

The women take charge. Now they are the ones who catch the murderer and not the victim. This is the story of The killer of whims, an feminist thriller with an irresistible police duo. Several crimes in an upper-class neighborhood have something in common: their victims collect Goya prints. Inspectors Carmen Cobos and Eva González begin the investigation in an elitist environment in which the trafficking of works of art is common. They have to discover a murderer who reproduces scenes from Goya’s Caprichos with his victims. ¡you can see it here!

Mother (2019), by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Distribution: Marta Nieto

Mother (2019), by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Continuation of the short film winner of a Goya, Mother (2017). Elena receives a call from Iván, her six-year-old son, who tells her that he is lost on a beach in France and that he cannot find her father. Those desperate words from her son were the last she heard from him. Ten years later, Elena lives on the same beach where her son disappeared, she works as a manager in a restaurant and is starting to come out of that dark tunnel where she has been anchored for so long. ¡you can see it here!

Cannibal (2013), by Manuel Martin Cuenca

Distribution: Antonio de la Torre, Manolo Solo

Cannibal (2013)

Acclaimed psychological thriller, winner of two Goya awards. Carlos is the most prestigious tailor in Granada, but also a shadow assassin. He has no remorse, no guilt; until Nina appears in his life. Through her, he knows the true nature of her actions and love arises for the first time. Carlos is evil, unaware of himself. Nina the innocence. And Cannibal the love story of a demon. ¡you can see it here!

My other self (2013), by Isabel Coixet

Distribution: Sophie TurnerGame of Thrones)Eleanor Watling, Geraldine Chaplin

My other self (2013)

Young Fay begins to freak out when people start mentioning conversations she knows she hasn’t had, or swear they’ve seen her when she knows she was somewhere else. And weirder things start to happen. She hears muffled footsteps behind her keeping pace with hers and sees a glimmer of red hair just like hers disappearing around a corner. Is she imagining it all? See here.

at the end of the tunnel (2016)

Distribution: Clara Lago, Leonardo Sbaraglia

At the end of the tunnel (2016)

he life of Joaquín, a man in a wheelchair, seems to be improving since the day he rented one of the rooms in his house to Berta and her daughter Betty. Until one night working in his basement, Joaquín realizes that a group of thieves led by Galereto is building a tunnel that goes under his house to rob a nearby bank. Joaquín begins to execute a plan against the clock in order to try to frustrate the purposes of Galereto and his henchmen. ¡See here!


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