Tenorio signs into Ambulance Employers’ Union to win in Aragon


tenorio ambulance Signed up for the National Ambulance Employers Association to win in Aragon, where he beat up a group of former directors drive To obtain an urgent medical transport contract, How did this medium progress?, Andalusian firm, which was recently disqualified Prize Due to a formal error in his field, the manager of the National Federation of Ambulance Employers has relied on (reed) to win the public contract, valued at 127 million euros over four years. This time, he assured, he will comply.

Francisco Javier Rodríguez Mercadilla (i), in an academic act / Seded

Health sector sources have indicated that Tenorio has applied for a competition to operate the immediate transportation of patients in the autonomous community. Francisco Javier Rodriguez Mercadilla, who was until now the manager of ANEA. The director of the employers’ union affiliated with CEOE would have supported the Southern firm to secure a provisional victory in the competition, the same voice insists Aragonese Health Services is tendering.

a formal defect left them

Reinforcement should also serve to remove potential obstacles to the carrier, such as the blow that took it down from recent competition for urgent and non-essential service in the province of Seville. He was excluded from the tender due to non-submission of a similarity scheme in the Registry enabled for the purpose by the State.

with that, tenorio transferred a contract that he had been exploiting since 1979 to the Andalusian General Socio-Sanitary Services (SSGA), pursuant to the resolution of the contract table which has reached this medium.

Tenorio: “We will meet the requirements”

For queries on this medium, the lawyers of tenorio ambulance He has underlined that “it will diligently meet the requirements made by the administration, as it has always done for more than 30 years of activity”. The same source recalled that it would be the regional administration that would decide “that it meets the solvency and contract capacity requirements, not the media.”

Similarly, the Southern firm they refer to contracted portals for more information and to prevent “false or misleading news” that “has the ultimate aim of unfairly harming its reputation” following debate over this. whether the founders of the group appeared offshore rigs Published by the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJfor its acronym in English) or any other person of the same name, How does the company defend,

industry is waiting

medical transport competition Aragon It has gained unusual relevance for two reasons. The first is due to the reputational crisis in which Tenorio later falls. publish this medium and many others that the name of the founder of the brand appears to be associated in lower tax jurisdictions, something the company categorically denies and is responsible for an error.

Aragon / Seeded .  image of a translude vehicle in

Image of a Transalud vehicle, Aragon / Cedida. Joint Venture in Egara

On the other hand, because it has been in the Aragonese community where serious problems have arisen for the carrier Agara Ambulance, the firm that managers linked to pro-independence businessman and former Catalan government communications secretary David Maddy, was attacked. Eager’s company, which controls non-essential transportation, has gone to war with its partner, corn cobwith him unpaid payroll It has abandoned presenting itself to the staff and to the immediate competition because of its controversial performance.

Acciona. before’

There is a third element: the nature of the second candidate for the Aragonese contest. about this Health Transport Association of Catalonia Girona Region, located in the provincial capital. As explained by this Medium, behind the proposal is a group of former directors from Acciona’s healthcare division, headed by edward vidalIts former manager, who is later looking for the carrier to obtain a contract to buy it with the transfer of shares.

The movement is relevant because it represents a further change of hands in the ambulance sector from a company that has seen how companies that were once family-based, such as the Concorsi di Girona, become professional with the entry of executives, investment. Funds or large international groups. In the case of Catalan which competes in Aragon, moreover, the plans of the authorities resolve to some extent. solvency problem Detected by region, as the regional order requires 100 ambulances which the official bidder does not have.

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