Tenant unions call for rent freeze


tenant union has demanded government Freeze Rentals. Representatives of the Union of Logatores de Catalunya and the Tenants’ Union of Madrid met this morning with the Secretary General of Housing, David LucasTo demand immediate measures to offset the increase in fares in the context of inflation.

In a statement, the organizations explained that they have defended the freezing of rents through mandatory extension of contracts to avoid escalation or eviction of contract. The meeting with the team from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda comes after last week, when Sindickat de Logators interrupted a function of the minister of the branch, Rachel SanchezAgainst rising rents.

Delete CPI Revision

Entities have proposed that the executive regulate rents in the near future. anti crisis package that the government can adopt to deal with rising prices. Secondly, they believe that year-to-year updates to rental prices are pre-linked. CPI and is now limited to 2%, it must be abolished, ie transferred 0%, Lastly, they have to roll back the rental updates made from October 31, 2021 to March 2021.

From the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda they appreciate the contribution of unions and share the importance of pursuing measures and regulations that guarantee one’s right A place to live worthy of all people. The Ministry highlighted during the meeting that important temporary measures like 2% limit To prevent rent escalation and eviction for contract update.

pending law

Furthermore, according to sources in the department headed by Raquel Sanchez, the priority for the ministry is to get the job done first. housing law Democracy, which establishes basic conditions in favor of access to housing, guarantees equality in the exercise of rights and fulfillment of duties relating to housing and its property. During the meeting, the ministry reminded the union that the law is currently in the process of negotiating amendments to the Congress of Deputies. This is a long and laborious process, as the standard has received more than 800 Revision,

Nevertheless, on behalf of the Executive they always reiterate their desire to continue working within the spirit of the law and in respect of the limits of the capacity of autonomous communities to reform housing law and initiate progress. In this sense, he has moved the Syndicate that it is within the framework of parliamentary dialogue where certain claims of the Collective must be addressed while respecting the work of different political groups. “This bill is pending Stability PSOE in the process of negotiating with parliamentary groups, on which the approval of the norm depends”, he has condemned the unions.

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