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Arrived in the column “De vos al tutegue” by Wag Yululia Sole (Opinio 17/IX/2022) and in the section that donna veu als reads podem vieur rai per a tots als taste sobre la questio. Allò que diem els catalans de “So many hats, so many barrettes”.

That Voste disappeared, could it be Questio de Temps? I don’t know, but I know I can tell, because it is for my family, that some things meus, nascutts little temps despres that jo, ja tutejaven als sis pars i jo tractva als meus de voste. Pale que fa a la meva mare, tractva de vos el seu pare y que que donava el matix tractament al seu sogre, is a dir, el meu basvi, tote axo cap als ani 1945-1950.

Talk about yourself, donate more confidence or is it because I understand the lack of respect among strangers? After realizing that young people (and not so young) talk to each other, greeting each other “Hello, uncle”, dons “close and go”.

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