Telegram 8.5 update brings video stickers, improved reactions and more


Telegram has always been feature rich, but a new update coming to the popular messaging app brings even more features to the app. The latest version, Telegram 8.5 is now available for both iOS Y Android users on the platform and brings additions including video stickers and changes to message reactions.

Telegram announced all the new features in a blog post. Check them out below.

video stickers

The highlight of Telegram v8.5 is the video stickers. What used to require you to use software like Adobe Illustrator can now be done right in the app. Users can now import videos as stickers in the app and send them in personal and group chats.

Some amount of editing is still required, as you will still need editing software that allows you to export a video as a .WEBM file with an alpha channel. Telegram has also posted a detailed guide on the entire process on the website for beginners.

Improved message reactions

Telegram had also introduced message reactions in a previous update that allowed users to react to various messages with emoji reactions. With the new update, Telegram allows you to hold longer on an emoji for a larger reaction animation, which is now in sync, allowing both sender and recipient to see the same animations at the same time. Telegram now also displays a badge in and out of chat when a user’s message receives a reaction.

New interactive emoji

Telegram also added support for five new interactive emoji that appear as larger, animated versions of themselves. You can also tap on the new emoji to play the animation.

Other additions

Telegram also introduced some other changes with the new update. Users can now hold down the back button to quickly jump to a previous chat. Call quality has been improved and silent messaging is now enabled directly from the Share menu.

When navigating through chats, you can now hold down the back button to quickly jump to a previous chat. On iOS, the bottom bar also animates when you switch tabs.


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