Telecinco Stops Recording ‘Let Your Be Loved’ Less Than Two Months After Announcing Its Renewal


no good news for Tony Moreno, This program offers let yourself love, will stop your recording immediately, telecinco will kick off its stage on television with delivery this Saturday, as reported blooper,

this place will say goodbye later five month fling Since its launch, which began airing on Friday nights, until they finally decided to move it to Saturday. In addition, the series announced its renewal in the summer, less than two months ago.

That first news came after the audience experienced an upward trend. It arrived on 30 July A record record with 21.2% thanks for the reunion Omar Sanchez You Anabel Pantoja after the passage of survivors,

let yourself love It has not escaped the crisis Telecinco is going through. their audience has been more discreetWith an audience share of about 11%, which is less than the 12.2% of the figures received by the program in the first round of broadcast.

like after going through the set David BustamanteCarlo Costanzia, lolita either Lucia DominguinNext installment will be as a special guest dove st basilo You Abraham Mathew,

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