Tchoumeni’s reaction to seeing Alaba injured is the essence of Real Madrid’s unity


David Alaba was replaced in France-Austria The game during the international break this September after showing some potential discomfort.

real madrid Before the free-kick for France the centre-back fell to the ground, preparations for a change at the touchline had already been made.

but Appreciation was supported by the opposition player aurelian tchoumenik Until he left the pitch. In the pictures you can see that the French players are worried about themselves real madrid mate.

Appreciation Moved into substitute’s zone, so the injury that forced him out of the game for 20 minutes didn’t look too serious.

Austrian gave way hoffenheim‘s Stephen Poschu Left on his feet without the need for medical attention in the center of the defense and on the pitch.

The player left the field for doctors to assess the severity of his injury. Depending on the results, Alaba will either continue with the Austrian national team or return to Madrid.

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