Tax reforms will increase air ticket prices: Reasons


The aviation industry is concerned that the draft tax reform What is being discussed would lead to a higher tax burden, which could have an impact on the final price of tickets to be paid by consumers.

This, in the midst of an increase in plane tickets in recent months, due to an increase in the dollar, fuel and inflation.

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There are three points of concern International Air Transport Association (IATA)), as learned by EL TIEMPO. The first of these is that the tourism relief that was created by the pandemic and which allowed VAT on tickets to be reduced from 19 to 5 per cent, will expire in December this year. So they want this benefit to be extended.

According to Senator Juan Pablo Gallo, who is preparing a proposal to revise this point of reform and collects IATA calculations, by reducing VAT by 14 percentage points, a 15.4 percent increase in domestic demand for travelers could be generated. . This, in turn, could generate up to $290 million in the sector.

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Another point of concern carbon taxWhich could make aviation fuel more expensive.

According to DEN, the price of tickets has increased more than double of inflation in the last 12 months.

and the third issue property tax on taxpayers, The reform establishes that foreign companies that are not income tax filers but who have assets located in Colombia such as real estate, yachts, yachts, motorboats, works of art, aircraft, or mining or oil rights, must pay this tax. . , In any case, the text specifies that those who sign financial lease contracts with entities or residents will not make payments.

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According to the industry, this tax will have a significant impact on the viability of the business, as most aircraft operating in the national territory are used under lease contracts signed with foreign entities that do not file income tax in the country and international airlines (Colombia). non-declaration of income in the U.S.) has aircraft in economic operation in Colombian territory.

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