Swords confirms Susana Díaz as senator after a long talk in Madrid


The general secretary of the Andalusian PSOE, Juan Espadas, has confirmed that susana diaz She will continue to be a senator for the autonomous community and will remain in the Upper House. There was no doubt that Díaz was going to continue, at least that was what sources close to both Espadas and the former president of the Board had expressed, but the confirmation is already public by the socialist leader in an interview on Canal Sur Radio. The pact reached between the two after Diaz’s defeat in the primaries a year ago went through her continuity as a senator after the regional elections. “To be continue. There are no problems between the two.”confirmed from the direction of the Andalusian PSOE.

Espadas and Díaz held a long solo talk this Wednesday in the Senate, where both have act by appointment of the Andalusian Parliament. The conversation, sources close to the interlocutors confirm, was “cordial” and they were able to share their impressions on the defeat in the last regional elections. Díaz has publicly commented that his party and his land “hurts” but has avoided further comment. The former leader of the party has been erased from the entire Andalusian campaign. Only two people mentioned it, the president of Aragon, Javier Lambán, and former president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. The ‘susanistas’ regret that they have not been given any role or been counted on. The leadership of the Andalusian PSOE insists that each one has done what they wanted and that the important thing is the “unity” of the party.

Those related to Díaz, sidelined in the party after the primaries that they lost with 40% of the votes in June of last year, they have also not drawn blood in public. Another thing is the analysis in private. Except for some comments on social networks, calling for reflection on the collapse in votes, there have been no criticisms or appearances with a spirit of revenge among those who were first figures of Susana Díaz. In fact, the losers of those primaries claim that there is no one crouched to take the leap or request resignations for the failure of June 19. “We all know that what is important now are the municipal ones, nobody is going to think of that,” they point out from those who constituted the hard core of the former socialist leader.

‘Susanism’, sleeper cell

The Susannists were sections of the electoral lists to Parliament and its strength has been diluted in the party. They are a sleeper cell that nobody wants to activate. That is why in the Swords team they have never even suggested that Díaz would be left without a position after these regional elections. “That scenario has not been considered. The agreement was that she would be a senator and that is how it will be, ”say sources close to Espadas. Names such as Verónica Pérez did remain on the lists, who was Díaz’s right-hand man and general secretary of the PSOE in Seville, but she was in sixth place in the candidacy and, against all odds, will not have a place in the Andalusian Chamber. The PP’s landslide of the PSOE in the province of Seville for the first time in history left Pérez without a seat.

The leadership of the PSOE-A does not believe that the defeat was a consequence of the demobilization of part of the party, nor does it accuse Diaz’s sympathizers of having boycotted the campaign. They do consider that the game was in bad shape for the two years of pandemic and the lack of muscle. Yes there are criticisms of the weak opposition made by the former president of the Board to the Government of Juan Manuel Moreno. They assure that for two and a half years the PSOE-A was dedicated to the survival of Díaz rather than to eroding the right-wing government in Andalusia. If in December 2018 the Andalusian PSOE lost more than 400,000 votes and signed the worst result, with 33 seats, in regional elections, in June 2022, that ground has been pierced, with the loss of 127,182 more votes, the fall below the psychological barrier of one million votes (883,707) and with the loss of three deputies, falling to 30.

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The socialist candidate has fought this year to unite the party after a tough internal war between ‘susanistas’ and ‘sanchistas’ that lasted in Andalusia well beyond the primaries that gave power to the PSOE to Pedro Sánchez. Susana Díaz withdrew from the Andalusian Government and even after leaving the Andalusian Government after the December 2018 elections, she remained for two years until Ferraz made a move and promoted Swords, then mayor of Seville, as a rival in a primary. From the federal direction, it was protected then that it be pushed for an advance of the designation of the future candidate to the Board, convinced that there would be Y electoral advance in Andalusia, as it has been. Swords won to be an electoral poster and then the general secretary of the party. The regional congress of the Andalusian PSOE confirmed that Sánchez and the federal leadership once again had a place in command after years without controlling the party in one of its most important federations, Andalusia, where the party has now suffered a severe defeat.

Last July, the winner of the primaries in Andalusia offered the former president of the Board a position in the Senate. Díaz had threatened to stay as a low-level deputy in the Andalusian Parliament but that was an unfeasible formula for the winners, who wanted the renewal of the party and saw an obstacle for her to continue in Andalusia. The designation of senator by the autonomous community will continue in the plenary scheduled for the end of July (27 and 28). Swords is now also a senator for the community but it is not expected that he will continue in that position, which he agreed to after leaving the mayor’s office in Seville, and will dedicate himself exclusively to leading the opposition in Andalusia.

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