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Swiss Environment Minister recommends bathing in pairs to save gas



get a shower

This idea quickly went viral.

This idea quickly went viral.

Although strongly criticized, he defended his proposal.

Head of the Swiss Federal Department for the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, simoneta somarugamade some curious statements about the proposal to reduce consumption.

In an interview for the Swiss outlet 20 Minutes, Minister launched a campaign to save electricity And indicated that people should “bath in pairs” from September to better manage resources.

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“People can turn off the computer when it’s not in use, turn off the lights, or take a shower twice.” These were some recommendations. Minister Somaruga.

However, he had to clarify after these statements went viral and were somewhat conflicting. He indicated that the message was addressed to young people, because “By a certain age, bathing together is no longer appropriate for everyone,

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Despite this, he insisted that the proposal was “considered” and should be considered.

The measures are being analyzed because of the many threats to the gas supply coming from Russia. Even then, Switzerland does not buy this fuel directly from Moscow, but it is necessary to discuss the energy emergency.

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