Subsidies ‘Mi Casa Ya’: no ​​more resources for 2022


even if no further subsidies are being received from the program ‘My home now’ As its 2022 limit has already been reached, the Housing Minister, Catalina Velasco, confirmed that resources are being managed to guarantee the continuation of the programme.

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Overall, this year he has already been awarded 65,000 subsidyExceeds full year target: 41,800 of them had funding corresponding to this year and the rest were backed with a future validity of the year 2023.

“These are historical numbers. We are making the respective allocation and disbursements. Let’s continue the program. We want to make some improvements to distribute the resources in the area. The demand is very high”, assured Velasco at the Assocajas Congress held in Cartagena.

At this time, the Housing Portfolio is issuing required assignment resolutions for households that have approved subsidies and managing resources to guarantee program continuity. It is believed that this process will be completed in the rest of the year.

The minister said that families who have already processed the subsidy and are in a position to be “assigned” can take rest, as in the coming months, they will have resolution and will be able to proceed with their processing. will be able buying a house,

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Those who are in a “competent” position should be attentive to the new process that will begin in 2023.

“The government’s desire is to maintain this allocation plan, which has been in place since 2015,” Velasco said.

Currently, the program is focused in and around capital cities. Historically, 52 per cent subsidy has been allocated in only 10 cities, including the capitals.

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