Strong warning from US to Russia escalates nuclear tensions: “Putin doesn’t understand what he’s dealing with”


are completed seven months since Vladimir Putin ordered to Russian army of invasion of ukrainearguing that it sought to preserve integrity and security Since the great former Soviet nation, there were people “putting them at risk” in the neighboring country.

was February 24 when kremlin soldier began to enter through the border with Ukraine and during this time they have taken control of important areas such as Mariupol or ChernobylHowever, the defense of the local people and their allies has been the determining factor so that the Russians could not reach capital Kyiv,

Since then, many countries have spoken against the attackEspecially when the threats started to mount and it was no longer just a matter of War between two former Soviet nationsbut because of the hidden possibility third world war with nuclear weapons,

Russia called in about 300,000 army personnel to join the war against Ukraine. Photo: AFP

It’s no secret to anyone that Russia has a powerful arsenal Ready for use, despite the fact that your government has ratified international treaties preventing it from doing so in the event of a conflict with another country. As the months went by, Ukraine’s allies and the president himself Volodymyr Zelensky He has accused Russia of using nuclear weapons during the bombing.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied this, but this week Vladimir Putin has raised the alert once again Call about 300 thousand Russian reservists of battle age To add them to his military campaign in Ukraine. Likewise, he was coercive in telling the West that he would not pay attention “Use all means” to defend yourself,

,i’m not kiddingSaid the Russian President. Indicated that if “necessary” he would use nuclear weapons in this war.

America also threatened Russia…

Undoubtedly, the message of the Kremlin leader resonated not only in Ukraine, but also in allied countries, who have spoken in favor of the invasion and who have also provided supplies to deal with the Russianssuch as United KingdomGermany and also America,

Although they have not personally been involved in this war, they have played an important role in the conflict. in the case of a nation ruled by Joe BidenIt has launched various economic sanctions Not only against the Putin government but also against the oligarchs close to the Kremlin.

The US has said it will support Ukraine in the event of a nuclear attack. Photo: AFP

many did not know that America also threatened Russia And not now, but for several months. Washington Post found out that state Department he has ordered “Many communications” for Moscow He warned of dire consequences if he dared to use nuclear weapons.

Known for Biden Administration unclear in messages that he sent it to Russia for the purpose that For the Kremlin it is not entirely clear what the retaliation will be To use your nuclear arsenal.

These revelations, from anonymous sources to the Post, indicate that although there are no signs that Moscow is carrying its weapons, they are cautious, especially after Putin issued his warning on Wednesday and it was known That The United States will be ready to support Ukraine In the event of a protest.

So to whom was Putin’s threat directed?

Some experts believe that Putin’s threat was aimed at allies of Ukraine to prevent them from supporting the smaller former Soviet nation, but others, such as Daryl Kimballyexecutive director of gun control associationBased in Washington, consider that its purpose was to warn that nuclear weapons could be used instead neutralizing the defenders and thereby forcing them to surrender,

But Ukrainian officials do not believe the Kremlin’s warning was only for them, but also for Western governments that have backed them. “It’s a threat to other countries… The detonation of a strategic nuclear weapon will have an impact not only in Ukraine, but also in the Black Sea region“, Told Vadim Skbitsky, Deputy Director of Ukrainian Military Intelligence, for the British medium ITV News.

and in the same period was recently pronounced Adviser to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, mykhailo podolyakiWho tweeted on Wednesday that if Russia uses nuclear weapons in its military campaign, far from weakening them, the effect could backfire.

“The threat nuclear weapons … to Ukrainians? (…) Putin does not yet understand who he is dealing with,” he said.

So far, there are few details available as to how Biden will support the Ukrainians. In a recent interview with CBS, US President asks Vladimir Putin not to use nuclear weapons“Because it will change the face of war since World War II like never before.”

James M., co-director of the nuclear policy program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Acton told the Washington Post that Trying to predict America’s response to a nuclear attack would be risky and reckless, since its range would be wide: it could go from a small underground test that doesn’t affect what everyone else thinks, to a strong explosion with disastrous consequences. And experts do not believe that Putin dares the latter.

Whatever the way the Kremlin might use its arsenal, the truth is that – if it materializes – the conflict could escalate, as it could devolve from an issue between the two ex-Soviet nations into one. real war between superpowers,

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