Strange structure discovered that is older than the pyramids of Egypt


The discovery made in the Czech Republic made experts try to determine which civilization raised it and the motives behind its creation.

Archaeologists excavating in the Czech Republic found A mysterious Neolithic structure dating back 7,000 years to the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge, The name of this new and mysterious discovery was Prague roundabout. The discovery was released by the Czech Academy of Sciences (IAP).

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According to the research team, the diameter of the structure is at least 55 meters, as tall as the tower of pisa, Little is known about the civilization that raised it millennia ago. They venture that it may be a local agricultural community that uses such a circular building as an economic or religious center during certain times of the year.

“It is clear that they were part of the cherished pottery culture, which flourished between 4,900 BCE. c. and 4,400 A.C. in the middle of the Stone Age”, Czech Academy of Sciences in National Geographic (IAP) Archaeological Institute spokesman Jaroslav Sidki said.

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The discovery took place in the 1980s., while some workers worked in space to make gas and water pipes. Since then it has become the subject of constant scrutiny. it was not until 40 years after the unveiling of the entire prehistoric structure, Director of Exploration Miroslav Kraus is convinced that recent excavations will shed light on the civilization that created it and its purposes.

So far, pieces of pottery, animal bones and stone tools have been found in the fillings of the trenches. The archaeologists noted that, once the carbon test is done, the organic remains found could help the team determine the structure’s construction date and possibly link it to the Neolithic discovered nearby.

Scientists are studying all the evidence to determine the date of construction of the said structure.


Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences

Cross noted: “Viewed from above, it consists of one or more broad circular moats with several gaps that serve as entrances. The front part was probably lined with wooden pillars, perhaps with gaps. from the soil that covered it. Although similar structures have been discovered in Central Europe, none are quite as old.

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A similar search in Germany

The oldest known circle found in the German nation in 1991, called the Goseck circle, is 75 meters in diameter and had a double wooden bar and three entrances. It is believed that two of them marked the sunrise and sunset during the winter solstice and that the structure served as an observatory or calendar.

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