Steam Deck battery can drain quickly on incorrect settings


Steam Deck is just weeks away from release, and testers on YouTube have gotten their hands on the device and shared their thoughts. A common tidbit that comes from reviewers is about battery life, or rather, how quickly it drains on specific settings.

Officially, Valve has stated that the Steam Deck’s battery could last between 2-8 hours, depending on usage and general game settings. youtuber test Players Nexus has shown this range to be accurate to some extent, however it was unable to reach the upper limit of 8 hours.

In fact, under heavy loads, playing Devil May Cry 5 with uncapped frame rate and Vsync disabled, it was able to drain the battery in less than 90 minutes. Results improved slightly, hitting the 2-hour mark while running the game capped at 60fps and Vsync enabled.

Less demanding titles, or rather, 2D games demoed by Valve, such as Hades, Dead Cells or any other before it, had considerably better battery life: 6 hours, which is still 2 hours less than the advertised units.

The Gamers Nexus test also showed that the Steam Deck loaded fairly quickly, reaching 80 percent in less than 100 minutes while powered on and idle. The portable device is equipped with lithium batteries (like your phones) and therefore reduces the rate of flow to prevent damage to the cell.

Another popular YouTuber, Linus Tech Tips Review it’s demonstrated blazing-fast load times, even on the entry-level 64GB microSD card variant, about similar to what you’d expect on a standard SSD (solid-state drive) in a computer. Those looking to have a host of games ready on the go can easily invest in a 1TB microSD card and expand storage without worrying about performance loss.

Reviewers have also noted that the Steam Deck can be a bit fiddly for those with smaller hands, as some of the buttons are spaced far apart and it has decent cooling for a miniature gaming PC.

Valve’s Steam Deck is scheduled to release on February 25, 2022, after a two-month delay due to component shortages. The handheld device is essentially a gaming PC that emulates the Steam operating system to run games from its library. Its range of features includes remote playback, vibration, ergonomic joysticks, and the ability to connect it to a TV screen. It’s available in three models: 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB, with options to expand storage via an external microSD card.


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