Stasi Tactics: Canadian Police Show Up At Woman’s House And Harass Her Over Pro-Convoy Facebook Posts – They Admit They’re ‘Monitoring’ Citizens’ Online Activity – (VIDEO)


Canada is rapidly becoming a police state in the wake of the pandemic and the trucker convoy.

Thanks to the brave men and women defending freedom, Trudeau’s mask has been ripped off, sending elites into a spiral of full-on panic. As they continue to intensify the crackdown on the protesters themselves, Canada’s tyrants have even begun sending law enforcement officers into people’s homes to harass and intimidate them simply for supporting the protests.

Everything is falling apart, and they know it.

On Thursday, a police officer with the Ontario Provincial Police showed up at a woman’s home to reprimand her for “peaceful protest” rules, after law enforcement officers found Facebook posts showing support for the convoy. by Trucker.

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After handing the woman a business card and a dystopian brochure detailing what is allowed as “peaceful protest,” the officer, who identified herself as Erica Ingraham, admitted that police have been monitoring people’s online activity. regarding the massive popular protest that closed. various cities and border crossings throughout the country.

Video of the incredible visit shows the officer arriving at the woman’s home, where he is immediately asked to identify himself with his name and badge number. The officer responds by handing over “some information about peaceful protests” along with her business card.

Clarifying why the officer is harassing her at her private residence, the woman asks, “So did you see something on my Facebook?”

The officer initially denies that they are snooping around his Facebook page, claiming that they instead found the post justifying a visit by law enforcement officials within a “Facebook group,” as if that did any difference.

Pressing further, the resident asks: “and [you] You decided to come to my personal residence to give me information about peaceful protests?

“Yes,” the officer replies.

Still not satisfied with the answers, the resident continues her line of questioning.

“Are you monitoring people’s Facebook pages or Facebook groups?” [as] who do you comment to, what are your status updates or what are you doing within the group?

Clearly the officer was poorly trained for this type of direct questioning and is visibly lost at this point. The officer backs off a bit, stating that law enforcement officers are simply “monitoring the protests,” before attempting to make a quick exit.

So, a protest is coming. I am simply providing you with information about a peaceful protest, and now I am leaving. That’s it.”

Before the officer runs off, the resident presses once more for a straight answer, asking “so OPP is looking at what people are doing on Facebook in different groups, whether they comment, engage, like or not, and you guys are now doing calls of service to give people information about peaceful protests?”

“Yes,” the officer says, before justifying the visit as “just a proactive measure to make sure you understand your rights about peaceful protests.”

Not believing it for a second, the resident ends the conversation by shaming the officer for wasting taxpayer money on these Stasi intimidation tactics, concluding that it’s “good to know we’re being watched.”

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