Spoiled Children, by Joanna Boneta


How would you order a Coca-Cola at Sotogrande, or at the royal Castilian estates where ibex is poached if they don’t serve children’s drinks there? alcohol only, preferably on the rocks, to pacify that important bar that makes making money – a lot of money – with crossed arms. I think, for example, of the banned polo players who lovingly brush their horses without the proletarian hordes that plague our days. My Mountbank heart connects to the landscape of the millionaires I have once seen as intruders, marveling at the peace, akin to the tedium emanating from their decadent palaces, where all household activity is a card table with a brazier. is focused on.

“Welcome to Eden” Juan Moreno appears to announce Bonilla—Paradise, Ayuso calls it—, encouraging Catalan powerful men to wear flamenco jackets to avoid the property tax. In the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish, debtors have long been forgiven, rather those who offend us, unlike Catalan, immutable like its tax laws. It is of little use to pin its nose at the bottom line of the richest community in Spain, Madrid and the poorest, Andalusia, because the underlying issue is the great admiration of so many aspirational audiences that exudes tenant capitalism. The same which does not have a positive effect on GDP and increases inequality.

Bonilla encourages Catalan powerful people to wear flamenco jackets to save on wealth tax

“Disgusting impressions can also be enjoyed”, affirmed the great Schnitzler, something that so-called village rajnagar , attentive to the pomp of his rich, has always been known. In relationships and loneliness (alphabet), Viennese playwrights warn of “ridiculous people” who, in reality, don’t want anything, imagining they want it. Yes, we want permanent holidays for those who do not need to work as their assets are in lakhs. But we hate lazy haters who bark at traps and bang pots with maidservants. And it is that polarization has been fueled by the excess of free time of those who live on income and have no one to write about.

However, not all big owners or sensible renters are happy to be spoiled children of fiscal populism and contribute small changes to the common good. Although they wear white pants all year round, they know the day may come – as at the peak of the pandemic – when they will beg in a public hospital to be saved.

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