Spain asks France for a clear answer on gas pipeline requested by Germany


german chancellor, Olaf Scholz, asked to complete the construction of a last thursday Gas pipeline connecting the Iberian Peninsula to Central Europe, These words were interpreted as an impetus for a similar project. midcatWhich runs from Catalonia to the Pyrenees. Spain assured two days later that its part of the project could be built in eight months., will cost approximately 370 million euros and allow the transportation of renewable gases. but you should blessing of france, which would continue this gas pipeline to the center and north of Europe. A week later, the government of Emmanuel Macron keeps his traditional rationalist what is a project about slow and expensive And says that according to sources in his ministry for the ecological transition, there are still many “uncertainties” about whether hydrogen will be able to be transported. But the Spanish government responded that it had no record of “any official communication” and expected the country to pronounce itself. officially even more high levelAccording to sources in the Ministry of Ecological Transitions.

In response to media queries whether he is in favor of construction of new pipelineafter last week Germany and Spain have selected the option to launch it, French ministry for ecological transition sends a statement in which he insists that “a project of this type would take many years in operation (study and working time of this type of infrastructure is always several years) and therefore, Will not respond to the current crisis, alternativefor France, is the establishment of Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal In those beach countries (Germany has already announced the construction of one of these terminals) because it is a formula that requires and allows “low investment” and “fast” construction import gas directly “From the Gulf Countries or the United States.”

In addition, it appeals climate issue to question the development of sustainable gas infrastructure At a time when Europe is “accelerating its transition to carbon neutrality by 2050”. “prior to Construction of new gas pipeline also started We must integrate climate issues Because our goal is to do without fossil fuels by 2050,” he says. At this point, the department that heads Christophe Bechu assumes that “there discussions to eventually replace gas pipelines and allow hydrogen transport” but there are still manyuncertainties“On the production and consumption efficiencies of hydrogen. “For example, some equipment, notably high flow compressors, is currently not available to create a potential gas pipeline that is fully compatible with the transport of hydrogen.”

At the end of its statement, the French ministry acknowledged that “all these elements”Objectives of dialogue” between member states Stakeholders should “take into account both the issues of European solidarity that are essential, as well as our climate goals”. Upon learning of the spread of this statement, Spanish government sources say that Spain Awaiting an official response from France at the highest level and in line with the European Commission, Who is it that they believe should finance the said project. ,Things have changed radically since the project midcat Originally picked up to date. The context has nothing to do with what it was at the time: neither in relation to energy securitynor in relation to gas price, therefore it is It is necessary that there is a high level political debateat the highest level”, add these sources.

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midcat It was a project of Spanish gas operators (anagas) and French (terega), started in the early 2000s, with a planned investment of 3,000 million euros, aimed at transporting 7.5 billion cubic meters Each year from the installation of natural gas in both directions a 1,250 kms (800 kilometers in France and 450 kilometers in Spain). The first phase of the project consisted of a 227-kilometre tube connecting the France-Spain border via the Pyrenees, via Girona. but The National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) and its French counterpart, the Commission de regulation de l’Energy (CRE), kicked off that first phase in 2019.and a year later did the same The European UnionGiven that there was no interest on the part of the company marketersas well for high prices infrastructure and gas interconnection capacity between the two countries It was not crowded.

a Possible Russian gas cuts Europe, which imported 40% of its consumption of this raw material from Moscow in 2021 Reactivated the debate over the recovery of a project similar to Midcat (has a similar layout and similar capacity) to double the capacity to export gas from Spain (currently 7,000 million cubic meters through two pipes crossing the Basque Country and Navarra, which is about 1.5 million more this year expected to grow). “For us, great Political priority is to be able to help our neighbors from Central and Northern Europe. it would be convenient a deep reflection on the scope of the new circumstances and how we adapt to them to help each other”, he adds from the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition. The third vice president himself and the Minister of Ecological Transition, Theresa Rivera, The country remembered this Wednesday Emmanuel Macron that, just as Germany needs gas, your country has been asking for energy (electricity) from “all its neighbors” for months after half of its nuclear power plants have been shut down and, therefore, “it’s in good shape.” Understand why build Europe go through a general policy“I’m sure it will be a Important debates in the coming monthsRibera concluded.

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