So you can protect yourself from the stings and bites of spiders and scorpions in this rainy season


many stings and bites poisonous animals can be fatal to humans poison spread in the body And although the cases appear to be isolated, the truth is that thousands of such conditions are recorded annually, in which medical care begins too late due to a lack of knowledge or information from both the population and health professionals.

animal accidents such as snakes, spiders and scorpions, To mention a few, they are one of the most common cases in a country like Mexico which is megadivers and stands for a long list of species that may be harmless, but in which some are also found. dangerous, However, there are times of the year when anxiety becomes more common than usual, as is the case. rainy season,

And the thing is that once the rain destroyed the country, Spreading of animals at risk and those considered to be of medical importance or harmful to humans. According to the International Network of Information on Poisoning Caused by Poisonous Animals (Redtoxins), some examples are “spiders Genus Loxoceles O’Kviolinist‘ You Scorpion of the genus Noxius centroide, also known as ‘Nayarit scorpion’, whose poisoning And the incidence of cases is considered a health problem in Mexico.

Do you know where they hide? (Photo: Courtesy RedTox)

present in all states; This way you can avoid stings or bites.

Although experts confirm that the presence of these animals should not cause concern among the population, their presence is still in the most unusual corners for Mexican homes, in gardens and even in bedrooms. It’s common to be afraid. risk of sting or bite be more likely. That’s why El Heraldo Digital spoke to Redtox’s biologist and coordinator, Enrique Sandovalwho explained in detail how to transfer the species we find at home, how to deal with accidents with the help of basic care and techniques and, above all, avoid its use Home remedies,

“Mexico is a country with a huge diversity and fortunately we have a record in cutting number of scorpions and we have about 300,000 per year”, he explained as an example, adding that the figures increased because of commercial exchanges that existed between states, as fruits, vegetables or other food items were moved from region to region. When carried, boxes they can visit these animals and other species.

It therefore reiterates that no region of the country is free from accidents related to poisonous animals And he also said that it is very common that when Mexico City residents go on vacation to other areas, they return home with some species inside their belongings without realizing it. “They went to the beach, they didn’t check the backpacks and got the backpack Scorpion and they brought him here, and he grieved Sting OK, the doctor says: ‘That scorpion is not from here’; Then when the taxonomic classification is done, we find out that it was an imported scorpion”, he elaborated in his conversation with the medium.

The bite rate of spiders is very high. (Photo: Courtesy RedTox)

Of course, there are all kinds of scenarios and so it is not surprising that among the figures of the bite also highlight snake, of which there are “four thousand one year”, including those which are not considered to be of medical importance. Spiders, on the other hand, are much more numerous.

“It is estimated that spiders bite between four thousand and ten thousand; However, we do not have clear data, we are just doing a census of bites as it is included in a report in the Epidemiological Bulletin of the Ministry of Health in which they find poisonous animals, That’s where bees, wasps and spiders go in that section,” he said.

Unfortunately, when Intoxication Happens, many people don’t know how to act And just as stings or bites may go unnoticed, it is common to resort to home remedies, although they may ease symptoms. Of this, Enrique Sandoval recalls that this can delay medical care and make the situation worse.

Given this, he shared the only and main suggestion for seeking help: “In an emergency, the first thing I would suggest is keep calm and go to one as soon as possible hospital“, he explained before adding that places trained to identify a drugged animal should always be sought and with that they can implement antivenom correspondingly; Internet search, as well as access Redtox. apps like They can be great options.

On the other hand, he affirmed that any patient who suffers a bite or sting from a venomous animal “should not use home remedies because they increase or delay medical care,” as many of them actually “they are of no use” And the reason they may be is to mask the clinical picture “because they drank a certain herb’s tea because they ingested a certain herb’s poultice because they used some home remedy that A healer, a magician, recommended yesterday, and then first they mask the clinical picture and then delay healing in time.

Be careful if you go hiking! (Photo: Courtesy RedTox)

What other security measures are in place?

As the expert warned, there are many places in our homes as well as tourist places and natural areas where this type of species can be found and that is why it is recommended to take all kinds of measures Avoid Having These Guests unwanted at home. And to reduce the risk of accidents that put you or your family at risk, you can always implement the following measures:

  • cover holes in walls
  • Pick up debris and warehouses where there is little movement
  • remove ant pest or other insects that can serve as food
  • check before wearing shoes
  • With protective gloves, clean the parts of the house that have been left undisturbed for a long period of time.
  • If hiking: don’t walk where there’s a lot of leaf litter, don’t put your hands in caves or potholes, and walk where the path was marked

Of course, they are not the only option, as technological advances have allowed mobile applications to help the Mexican population identify which are the main species in the country that represent the level of risk due to poisoning following a sting or bite. does.

is one of them above app which is supported biologists, doctors and health workers, which guide people to know what to do and places to visit in the event of an accident related to these species. Similarly, some preventive measures to avoid scenarios in which health is at risk and even know how to move animals so as not to kill them.

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