Shopping Day 2022: Which shopping centers will participate and what are the discounts?


To pamper its customers and boost sales of small and medium-sized companies affected by the pandemic, It’s Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September a new version of shopping day at the national level, in which mall and will introduce a larger number of brands big offers and activities for the enjoyment of the audience.

Under this premise, in the following note you will find detailed information about participating shopping centers, discounts and activities that they will offer for these dates.

Which shopping centers will participate in Shopping Day?

For this edition of Shopping Day, participation of all shopping centers and malls in the country Association of Shopping and Recreation Centers of Peru (accept) And even affiliate entrepreneurs will be able to count on the space they can offer their products and services. Some establishments are:

  • Arequipa Center
  • Asia Boulevard
  • balta strip shopping
  • the quinde
  • outlet
  • Jockey Plaza
  • Rambla
  • larcomari
  • Lima Airport Partners
  • south mall
  • Mall Plaza
  • Adventure Mall
  • minka
  • Mega Plaza
  • open square
  • North Chowk
  • St. Michael’s Square
  • South Lima Square
  • Lumbermani Park
  • moon square
  • sun square
  • Shahi Chowk
  • through the mix
  • YoY Lima Box Park

The campaign aims to contribute to the economic recovery of the region, which was hardest hit by the pandemic. Photo: Shopping Day

What discount will I get on Shopping Day?

Hours before the event began two years after the last edition, sources devoted to the sector indicated they expected an attendance of over 7%. customers implementing strategies that improve the experience for families and the general public who visit them, compared to what they typically get establishments,

“In this edition, visitors will be able to get up to 60% off on various products. We are focused on providing a different shopping experience, so you will find different activities, such as raffles, workshops, games for adults and kids. We want the family to be able to enjoy these two days to the fullest”, declared ACEP President Carlos Neuhaus.

Here are part of the itinerary of activities and discounts offered at some shopping centers:

Plaza Norte and Mall del Suri

In addition to offering discounts that can reach up to 70% at other fashion, sports, technology and entertainment establishments such as H&M, Saga Falabella, Ripley, Oechsle, Metro, Tottus. They will receive their customers with breakfast and perform a range of activities such as painted faces, distinctive dances, children’s shows for the youngest of the house, special performances by some Creole music artists, salsa and activation with some radio stations.

Plaza Norte and Mall del Sur will offer similar activities to the delight of their customers. Photo: Shopping Day

Adventure Mall

this mall Offers up to 80% off At its headquarters in Santa Anita, while its establishments in Chiclayo and Arequipa will do the same with 2×1 in selected products, up to 70% across more than 200 brands. It is to be noted that the promotions will be across all categories offered by this mall.

Also, this Saturday the 24th they will open the show with Brian Arambulo’s performance of “Yo Soy” between 6 pm and 8 pm, in Arequipa, a Marinera show will be performed by the Lescia School from 4 pm to 5 pm , and there will be a children’s show in the first level roundabout in Chikalayo from 5 to 6 pm.

Mall de Santa Anita is offering up to 80% off at its Santa Anita location. Photo: Shopping Day

Shahi Chowk

this property Will give up to 70% off At its 21 locations across the country and, among its activities for the public, there will be Royal Bingo to buy from Real Plaza Salveri, Civic Center, Guardia Civil, Primavera, S/40 in Villa Maria del Triomphe and La Placita del Emprendimiento. Santa Clara, Purucuco, Pro, Huanuco and Cusco.


This renowned commercial venue will join the program’s offering up to 50% off In brands like Melissa and Bruno Farini. They will also be offering 30% off on brands like Crocs and 20% off on Salomon, among other promotions.

Mega Plaza

Situated in the North Cone, this iconic shopping center will offer great deals, including: 4×2 across Sika stores, 3×2 at Maybelline and 3×2 at Syzone. In addition, Saturday 24th from 7 pm to 8 pm “Yo Soya” will feature the participation of Raul Romero and Camilo Sesto from the same event. As if that wasn’t enough, it also offers the option to be part of the draw for 10 s/200 gift cards by registering here:,

Shopping Day: When is it and what will be the discounts in stores? Photo: La Repubblica

Mall Plaza

With stores in Bellavista, Comas, Arequipa and Trujillo, this commercial area will up to 70% off Discounts at stores like Topitop and many more. At its headquarters in Comas and Bellavista, it will offer 2 for 1 on 2D tickets at Cinemark, and Footloose will offer a second pair for a sun on selected products.

In addition, Comas Headquarters will present the Gamra Imperable Fair, which will feature 60 micro and small participating companies and will run through October 23, offering jeans, blouses, polo shirts, pajamas, shoes, sportswear and other seasonal products. ,

open square

With offices in Angamos and Atocongo, this shopping center will offer various activities such as a performance by Anna Carina Coppello, a tribute to Vilma Palma e Vampiros, an enchanted theater and a children’s show with Brenda Carvalho, among others. Similarly, the offers will be on during the day with discounts across various categories such as 50% off on footwear, fashion & kids, 30% on gastronomy and 70% on accessories.


This shopping complex will kick off the event on September 23 with sales and discounts at its Plaza outlets along with brands like H&M, Crepier, Rosen, Topitop, Squeeze, Gazak and many more. Along the same lines, they would perform minka rock on Saturday 24th, which included the hits of Soda Stereo, The Beatles, Pedro Suárez-Vertiz, Mojaras, I Dawn, with tributes from the bands Dosis Xacta, Los Bluecats and Zeta Rock. Will be ‘I don’t know who and I don’t know how many, among others. While on Sunday Minka Fest with Backus, four orchestras, as well as games and awards.

St. Michael’s Square

The venue will offer up to 60% off including restaurants and entertainment establishments. Some of its promotions will be discounts with 50% off throughout the store in Bata, Azalea, Porta, North Star, Pioneer, Miniso, Pierre Cardin, Gajak; o Secureza, Platenitos, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Now with 30% off. Rosen and Crepiero with 40% and Zona Sail with 70%. Similarly, there will be promotions like 2×1, 2nd pair discount and much more.

Presented on Saturday the 24th, the show will feature live music with DJs and rock and roll songs, a cartoon station and the Riva Aguero Store tower. Whereas on Sunday the 25th he will have his saxophone show, X Bahia Flashmob and a children’s show.

Jockey Plaza

This crowded shopping complex will have great deals on a variety of brands, including 4×2, sika with 30% off on Calvin Klein, as well as surprises and rewards.

Discover activities designed for shopping day. Photo: Republic


In its various locations it will provide great publicity. For example, at its San Borja store, it will be offering up to 60% off on brands like Bata, Croix, Porta, Calvin Klein, Crepier and Coloqui. While Avenida Brasil will be on offer along with Pioneer, Belle Jewellery, Calimod, Coolbox, Ripley and Aruma.

In addition, it will offer Painted Faces, Storytelling, a Magic Show, Connie, Balloon Twisting, La Casa Madrigal, Fashion Troops.

On Saturday the 24th, there will be makeup classes with Maybelline at the San Borja headquarters from 5pm-6pm, followed by the “Los Rollos de Cutia Palma” show, with experiences and entertaining anecdotes from a lifetime. of actress. Whereas Katia Palma’s show at her venue in Avenida Brasil will start at 5 pm. TU will have a makeup workshop at 6 pm and Sunday 25th.

South Lima Square

This shopping center in the Chorilos district will add to the shopping day and offer troupes, DJs, caricatures, photo taking, flashmobs, children’s shows and live music, in addition to great deals.

Countless brands will offer their products. Photo: Shopping Day

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